TF99 November Sim of the Month

Posted on Mon Dec 26th, 2016 @ 3:53pm by Commodore Graham Cantos

First off, Merry Christmas or if you prefer it, Happy Holidays everyone! For those of you who may look over RSB, you may have noticed November Awards were posted. In case you missed it, you can find it here:

If you'll take a gander at that announcement and scroll down to the TF99 section, you'll see our ship listed. That's right folks, in our first month as a full sim we were nominated, twice I might add, for Sim of the Month. I know because I read all the reports after all. We received the most nominations that were valid, that is supported by evidence, and so we have subsequently been awarded Task Force 99 Sim of the Month for November 2016. If you will go into your user info and select OOC awards, you'll find the ribbon has been awarded to everyone who was a member in November.

Unfortunately that means I had to keep it from our Doctor and Helmsman since they joined in December. However, I have no worries that they'll be getting one next time because I'm sure we're only beginning to bring in the awards. With the activity this crew has provided so far, and during the holiday season no less, I'm sure we'll be getting SotM again as well as many other awards. Congratulations folks, to get the SotM in our first month of activity is pretty amazing. Thanks to all of you for making this sim as great as it already is!


Commodore Graham Cantos
Task Force 99 Executive Officer
USS Devonshire Commanding Officer



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