Captain Lucius Abernathy-Nadir


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Captain Lucius Abernathy-Nadir

Name Lucius Edward Omar Abernathy-Nadir

Position Eagle Squadron Leader

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Nickname/Callsign Sasquatch
Cabin Assignment F1119

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 275 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lucius is tall with a broad build. He is covered from head to toe in thick dark body hair. This caused him to earn the nickname "Sasquatch" in Boot. A name that stuck with him after he got his pilot's wings. He tends to keep himself in shape via weight lifting, preferring to bulk up over the cardio regimens of his brother and father. He keeps his hair short and while he remains clean shaven per regs on duty, he tends to grow his beard out as much as possible when on Leave


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father MCPO Omar Ashton Abernathy-Nadir
Mother GYSGT Nicole Belleria Abernathy-Nadir (née)
Brother(s) Det. Ashton James Abernathy-Nadir

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucius is a reserved man. He prefers to observe people for a time when he first meets them to gauge what they're like. However once he deems one his friend, he's very social with them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Lucius has an incredible anger. He's normally laid back but once he is angry, it takes all of his willpower to not go to violent extremes. He also has a strange sense of loyalty. While he will willingly and gladly sacrifice himself for any Federation life, he has no qualms about killing anyone not of the Federation and will do so without remorse with nothing more than an order from a senior officer.
Ambitions Luc has reached his goal of gaining a commission and therefor has no further ambition other than to keep it. He's happy flying and doesn't really want to be taken out of the sky.
Hobbies & Interests Lucius enjoys a variety of music ranging from classical, to 22nd century trance metal, to native american flutes and drums. He can often be found in his room reading a book listening to some random piece of music while drinking a glass of whisky and smoking a pipe or cigar.

Personal History Lucius was born aboard the USS Lexington in 2357. His father was a young Crewman in Flight Control and his mother was Private in the Marines. Her platoon was on temporary duty aboard the ship due to the Cardassian War. Within four years, they'd managed to get stationed together aboard the starbase Deep Space 3 where his brother Ashton was born. The brother grew up learning much from their parents. They weren't always together. Sometimes his parents were posted apart and those time, the children went with which ever parent was assigned the more family friendly post. As such, they treasured their times when they were all four together.

As he got older, Lucius learned to love working on shuttle engines with his father. Learning their systems and repairing them. However he wanted to fly them. Then the war erupted. At the time it began, he was not old enough, but when he finished school, he applied to the Academy. He was however turned down for failure to pass the written entrance exam. He was not deterred though and decided to enlist. And since he wished to see the most action, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He finished boot and was posted a Maintenance tech on fighters. He would work in this field for four years before deciding to apply to the Academy once more. This time, he had more practical experience, had properly studied and had the recommendation of his Squadron Leader. He got in and in May of 2382, was commissioned a Second Lieutenant and assigned the 4th Marine Air Wing where he flew Eagles and Valkryies. After a few years he made Flight Leader and eventually was assigned as Squadron Leader aboard the USS Devonshire.
Service Record Service History-

August 2374 - June 2376: Fighter Maintenance Tech, 2nd Marine Air Wing; MCB Camp Hayes
June 2374 - August 2378: Fighter Maintenance Tech, 1st Marine Air Wing; MCB Camp Winston
May 2382 - October 2384: Fighter Pilot; 4th Marine Air Wing; MCAS Camp T'Vork
October 2384 - November 2392: Flight Leader, Golan Flight, 21st CAW, USS Aristotle
November 2392 - Present: Eagle Squadron Leader, MAW, USS Devonshire

Rank History -

August 2374 - Private
February 2375 - Private First Class
August 2376 - Lance Corporal
May 2382 - Second Lieutenant
July 2383 - First Lieutenant
June 2385 - Captain