Master Chief Petty Officer Victor Denlyn

Master Chief Petty Officer Victor Denlyn

Name Victor Elias Denlyn

Position Chief Operations Officer

Second Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39
Nickname/Callsign Vic
Cabin Assignment C0209

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 260 Lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description He is tall, and has a large, athletic build. Though he works out to maintain required fitness levels, he doesn’t over-indulge in the gym. His hair is shoulder length, tied back while on-duty, often loose off-duty. He has a full beard. His blue eyes are friendly. He has a big, infectious smile, and a hearty laugh. He has no distinguishing body markings


Spouse None
Children None
Father Captain Ronald Lemensky (deceased)
Mother Catherine Elliot (deceased)
Other Family Paternal Grandparents – Admiral Keegan Lemensky, Keri Lemensky (both deceased)

Maternal Grandparents – Marshall Elliot, Mary Anne Elliot

Victor has four uncles, all Starfleet captains, on his father’s side, and two uncles, three aunts on his mother’s side. He does not have a relationship with either extended family. His paternal grandparents were killed at the Battle of Wolf 359. His father was killed in a shuttle accident in 2386. His mother died in childbirth.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Victor has an “easy going” demeanor, rarely rattled by stress. He is quick to smile, and slow to anger, though he lacks patience with people who are rude without cause. Due to his upbringing of having to rely on multiple adult role models, he is naturally extroverted, and tends to “wear his heart on his sleeve.” He hates having to bark orders, even though a man of his size could be intimidating. He rather prefers to rely on his subordinates to understand his level of seriousness and act accordingly. When necessary, though, he can turn on a drill sergeant-like demeanor.
Strengths & Weaknesses He tends to drink a bit too much, which is a product of both a social nature and a coping mechanism for things from his past. Most don’t notice the excess, though, with the exception of frequency, due to his size and open nature in social situations. His relationship with his father, experiences in war, and disappointment of unmet expectations sometimes show in his humor, which can be dry & cynical, at times.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe’s works, a wide variety of music, and holodeck simulations of ancient Norse (Viking) themes.

Personal History Victor was born in the year 2353 on board the USS ShiKahr. His father was the commanding officer, and his mother was the civilian lounge manager. In spite of his father’s insistence to terminate the pregnancy, his mother opted to carry the baby to term. She died due to complications of child birth. His father kept the boy, declaring that he wouldn’t have some “little bastard of his” ruining his family’s bloodline. He would raise him to carry on the family naval tradition, which spanned eight generations of Starfleet captains. He would often rant to Victor, in the rare times he chose to interact with the boy, that, if they were Klingon, the Lemensky name would be hallowed throughout the Empire.

His childhood would be spent on board the USS ShiKahr, even though his father rarely selected officers with families. There were very few children to interact with during his childhood. Most officers hated his father enough to transfer out at the earliest opportunity. To make matters worse, Ronald Lemensky was a terrible father, wanting barely anything to do with his son beyond berating him on the importance of graduating from the Academy and one day taking his place in a captain’s chair.
Responsibility for the boy fell, mostly, to Ronald’s assistant, Elia Denlyn. He practically stripped her of any duty beyond taking care of Victor as an infant. At first she was resentful, wanting her career to unfold in a normal way. However, she grew very quickly to love Victor. She raised him as if he were her own. As he grew older, she found ways to actively fulfill her duties as captain’s assistant, and much of the crew took turns watching Victor when they were off-duty. They put the phrase “it takes a village” to the test, and Victor was given very good care overall. Elia was his mother, for lack of a better term. Though, he never did call her that, a fact he regrets to this day. He lived with her, which was a practical decision due to his father being called around the ship at any moment of the day.

As for his education, the senior staff of the ShiKahr saw to that. They took it upon themselves to teach him everything they could, taking turns either giving lessons or, when the senior officers were not available, having a junior officer do them instead. For the time he was on the ShiKahr, he not only learned the Federation standard curriculums, but also much about life aboard, and the operation of, a starship.

In 2368, Victor’s life took a major turn. Elia, who had been his primary caregiver since birth, was killed during a first contact encounter that went poorly. The species they had encountered misunderstood a simple hand gesture as hostile, and she paid the consequences. At the end of the mission, Victor’s father decided it was time for Victor to attend the same school that he attended in preparation for the Academy. At age 12, Victor was enrolled in a boarding school on Terra Nova, a school exclusively for children of command level officers. He would never see his father in-person again.

Victor did not acclimate to life outside of the ShiKahr well, at first. The outgoing boy crawled into a shell, unsure of how to interact with children his own age, while simultaneously coping with the loss of the only mother he ever knew and the rest of his ShiKahr family. Though he had played countless hours in the ShiKahr’s holodecks, holographic children made poor substitutes for the real thing. He also learned quite quickly that the children were treated differently, depending on who their parents were. The more famous or popular the parent, the more favor the staff seemed to show the children. Victor came to realize that, though his father’s family had a long history in the command ranks, they were not well-liked. He was never mistreated, but good grades came easier to some than others, seemingly by design.

By the start of his third year, age fifteen, Victor was tired of the favoritism, and began to act out. His introverted shell, having been a temporary effect of change, began to crack, and his personality began to show through, albeit with a teenage anger to it. His effort level in school dropped markedly, and his grades dipped accordingly. He never failed a class, but he stopped giving his best effort. Like many teenagers, his attitude grew, and his regard for the rules did not - a fight here, a prank there, sneaking out of campus, dorm room parties, etc. His behavior earned him a reputation as a trouble maker and a “class clown,” but never went beyond a normal, rebellious adolescent phase. That is, until his father contacted him.

At age seventeen, Victor heard from his father for the first time in five years. He had had contact with other crew members of the ShiKahr in that time. Some had moved on to other assignments. Some were still on board. His maternal grandparents visited infrequently, always with the empty promise to increase the frequency. However, his father and his father’s family had not contacted him at all, leaving him, essentially, as a ward of the school. His father’s first conversation with him in all that time wasn’t to ask how he was doing. Ronald received regular updates about Victor from the school. His purpose of the call was to openly berate his son for his embarrassing and unacceptable behavior, as wells as his abhorrent grades (Ronald’s words). His father was, quite literally, raging, screaming at the image of his son on the screen with a vehemence that would shock anyone. Though Victor maintained his composure for that moment, the effect on him was deep. When his father finally cut off transmission with promises to cut off his support for Victor if the behavior continued, the boy finally realized he had been in the middle of a crowded room of other students speaking to their own loved ones on communications screens. Every eye was on him, and parents on screens were asking what was going on. A teacher tried to move to him to usher him away, but he walked as quickly as he could out of the room, wanting to run but fearing further embarrassment.

Victor finished his final year at the school uneventfully, again withdrawing himself socially. He wasn’t the same kid after that call as before, and everyone knew it. Students went out of their way to be kind, and faculty made every accommodation that they could for him. He graduated, and his application to the Academy was accepted. He was off to fulfill his father’s expectations. He was 18 years old.

Victor excelled in the Academy, showing aptitudes for several fields. He chose starship operations as his primary focus, with minor focuses on tactical and engineering. With new faces to meet who didn’t know of his embarrassment in school, he quickly crawled back out of his social shell and relaxed again. All seemed to be going well, and he was on track to graduate in good regard. He was not top of his class in any category, but he was far from the bottom.

In his third year of the Academy, in 2374, Victor had an encounter with another cadet that would derail his career plans. The two had been rivals, of a sort, constantly competing with one another in one matter or another. It had been a friendly rivalry, until Victor had a foolish encounter with the cadet’s girlfriend. Their rivalry turned bitter, and escalated into dangerous territory. It culminated in a shuttle accident, a collision between the two cadets’ ships that was the fault of both for reckless use of their vehicles. Victor was expelled from the Academy amid a criminal investigation into the incident. No charges were filed, as this was far from the first reckless act by a cadet of the Academy. His father was furious, disavowing him and demanding that he change his name to anything other than Lemensky. Victor could only think of one he would want.

He changed his name, officially, to Victor Elias Denlyn, in honor of the young woman who had been so like a mother to him. Though his career path as a Starfleet officer was over, for the time being, the Dominion War had left the Federation desperate for any and every soldier it could get. He enlisted in the Marine Corps, and would take part in several major ground offensives against the Cardassian & Dominion forces. When the war ended in 2375, he was stationed on Cardassia Prime to help with the rebuilding efforts from Dominion’s genocide. He spent weeks helping in rescue efforts for any survivors within the levelled cities, and years assisting in rebuilding and relief efforts.

In 2380, he resigned from the Marine Corps, and took a job on a shipping freighter. He spent the better part of two years putting his nearly completed Academy skills to use, though not in a setting that he had ever expected.

In 2382, he decided to enlist in Starfleet, this time on the navy side. His service as a Marine outweighed his expulsion from the Academy, and he began his naval career as a crewman in Operations. He would bounce around various assignments, serving in operations, security, and engineering, from 2382-2392, eventually becoming the Assistant Chief of Operations aboard the USS Challenger, under the command of Captain Geordi LaForge.

In 2392, he was transferred to the USS Devonshire to serve as Chief of Operations.