Major Meredith Thompson


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Major Meredith Thompson

Name Meredith Ryanna Thompson

Position Wing Commander

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Nickname/Callsign Wraith
Cabin Assignment F1118

Physical Appearance

Height 185 cm ~ 6ft
Weight 65 kg ~ 143 lb
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall and muscular she is a mix of her parents she inherited her mothers coloring's and looks. Her fathers love of tattoos as seen by the Eagle carrying an arrow on her left arm. Her brunette hair is lkept long like her mothers worn braided on duty and loose off duty


Father Ryan Thompson
Mother Meredith Thompson nee Jameson
Other Family Maternal Grandfather: Liam Jameson - Retired Spec Ops Colonel
Paternal Grandfather: Steven Thompson
Paternal Grandmother: Allison Wilson-Thompson
Maternal Uncle Darrell
Maternal Uncle Jesse
Maternal Uncle Luke
Maternal Aunt Alyssa
Maternal Aunt Kendra
Paternal Aunt Susanne Thompson

Personality & Traits

General Overview MJ is a mix of her parents and what a mix. Her father Ryan was a top Spec Ops soldier and her mother a spec ops pilot. Even her Uncles and Grandfather were Special Operations so she grew up In the Spec ops and intelligence community's, she is quiet and calm. Compassionate like her father when she can be and as tough as old boots when she has to be.
She has inherited her mothers smart mouth and her fathers habit of speaking his mind regardless of rank, She is fiercely protective f those she considers family and won’t hesitate to protect them even at the risk of losing her life.

This is tempered by her Grandfathers quick witted brain and almost supernatural instinct for trouble.
Hobbies & Interests Flying
Sharp shooting
scuba diving

Personal History MJ spent most of her life traipsing about with her parents and maternal grandfather. She saw things in retrospect she probably should not have seen but her family being mainly Special Operations she went where her mothers team went. Like the other children she picked up a love of weaponry and combat.

Quick witted and intelligent she quickly soaked up languages and information fluently speaking Russian,Navajo.Cherokee,Cheyenne, French, Chinese, Spanish and Klingon by the age of 7.(The Klingon was not helped by the fact her godmothers were Major Asha Fallon nee Knight and Lt Colonel Allope Isaaisa. Her Godfathers being Colonel Mike Fallon and Mike Malone.

All four Godparents were special forces and their kids grew up much the same. That’s not to say she did not enjoy it she did and it was a happy childhood it was, just with a weirdness to it that to her was normal.

Her love for flying led to her gaining her licenses early as noted below

Age 11 – Antique aircraft license
Age 15 ~ Antique rotor craft License
Age 17~ Shuttle License
Age 19 ~ gained Star fighter License

She entered the academy and settled in quickly. The studies being easy for her she advanced quickly and took more time to concentrate on her flying.

Outside of those she considered kin she did not associate something that continues now with her rarely associating with those outside her own team.

She graduated in the top one percent of her class in three years instead of four.