Lieutenant Rowan Moares


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Lieutenant Rowan Moares

Name Rowan Francesca Moares

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32
Cabin Assignment C0207

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Like all women in her family Rowan is around average height for a woman at 5'5". With brunette hair and brown eyes Rowan is curvy and takes pride in her figure. Rowan's hair is usually left down with the ends curled and occasionally with a tint of a different colour in to make her hair stand out a little.


Children Dulcie Rhian Moares (b. 2383)
Father James Moares (Sr.) (b. 2328)
Mother Myfanwy Moares (b. 2330)
Brother(s) Lt. Cmdr. James Moares (Jr.) (2355-2380)
Sister(s) Rhian Moares (b. 2367)
Briallen Moares (b. 2373)
Other Family Grace Ainscow (b. 2380) - Niece

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rowan has been described in the past on several occasions as '5'5" in height but 7'5" in attitude' - a nickname she earned from her former department head Lieutenant Commander Rudolf Kaufmann. In spite of that Rowan is very easy to get along with and talk to - often giving out good advice to those who ask for it. Rowan cares about her appearance and always makes sure that she and her department members always meet the standard expected of them on duty and off duty. Despite her standards Rowan enjoys spending time with her colleagues outside of her duty shift. She is also a very caring mother to Dulcie and likes to take her daughter to the holodeck a few nights a week.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rowan is very easy going and easy to get along with - as long as you stay on the right side of her and do as she asks. As her role suggests Rowan is a very skilled tactician and is always quick to adapt to rapidly changing scenarios.

If Rowan is provoked enough then she can have an extremely bad temper. If she believes she is correct then Rowan will argue until she is proven otherwise and always press the case for her cause - even if she has been told it will not be pursued.

Service Record 2378-2382: Starfleet Academy
2382: Graduated at the rank of Ensign
2382-2384: USS Vindex NCC-2474 (Tactical Officer)
2384: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2384-2387: USS Renown NCC-2413 (Tactical Officer)
2387: Promoted to Lieutenant
2387-2390: USS Endurance NCC-1606-B (Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer)
2390-2392: USS Endurance NCC-1606-B (Chief Tactical/Security Officer)
2392-pres: USS Devonshire NCC-79942 (Chief Tactical/Security Officer)