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Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn

Name Thotris ch'Shizn

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 22
Nickname/Callsign Tris
Cabin Assignment C0208

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 205
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Tris is solidly built. He exercises everyday. As an Andorian, he has blue skin, but pale blue being half Aenas. A pair of cranial antennae and white hair, which is usually combed forward onto his forehead slightly, covering his ears slightly in a traditional way.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tholyn ch'Shizn
Mother Eevyh sh'Shizn
Brother(s) Thoryn th'Shizn, Tholem ch'Shizn
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tris is a very strong, capable, and focused Andorian, with a bit of a resentment down his back. At times he feels he may never return to his homeworld of Andor.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is very skilled in hand to hand combat and piloting. His natural skills, as an Andorian, make him ideal for zero-G combat, but he prefers to fly.

His attempts to contact his 'once love' have been fruitless. He feels her father has hidden her away, and realizes at times that he spends too much time and energy on trying to find her. A resentment toward powerful businessmen eats at him regularly.
Ambitions He wants to be the very best Starfleet officer possible. He hopes to one day leave Starfleet with honors and be respectfully requested to return as an officer into the Andorian Imperial Guard.

He also wants to locate his once true love and rinse out if she still has the same feelings for him.
Hobbies & Interests He has always trained and fought as a boy, into manhood. But since coming to Starfleet Academy he has been fascinated by the staff fighting style he observed. The last 3 years at the academy he spent many hours practicing this new form of fighting style. In contrast he has also taken up skydiving. Initially Tris learned to plummet through the atmosphere and then have a parachute complete his decent. But in his Senior year, he began to utilize wingsuit flying to glide about in a more controlled fashion. And just recently, he attached small thrusters to his ankles to provide additional time in the atmosphere. He is thinking about doing more research on zero-G combat and spacesuit assault flying.

Personal History Their mother is one of the Aenas, who's skin is almost white. She is blind and has telepathic abilities as other Aenas. It had been an unusual situation where many years ago an Andorian vessel crashed in the Norther wastelands. The officer in charge of the rescue found a couple survivors and a small white girl. There was no one else around. Even knowing they she was one of the excludionisr clan of Aenas, he felt bad to just leave her there. This pilot ended up raising Eevyh as his own daughter. Next door to their dwelling was a boy named Tholyn ch'Shizn. The Andorian and Aenas grew up and became best friends. When the time came, Lyn went off into the military, but realized he missed Eevyh too much and soon took her as his bride.

Eevyh was a dutiful wife and did not pressure her husband to believe in her people's custom of non-violence, but she did influence her children to consider peace before violence. She was not allowed to use her telepathic powers at any time in any way, under strict surveillance. Though, by the third child, Tris, she learned how to comfort him gently with her telepathy. She found out that Tris had the ability to be a telepath as well, but placed blocks in his mind to keep this knowledge even from him.

Tris' father became a high ranking officer in the Imperial Guard. Tris and his two older brothers were raised on Andoria, moving from one military site to another about every few years. This mobility hindered any close friendships from developing. His brothers were his only friends, but they were a few years older and at times ignored him. He felt very alone, but always found comfort with his Mother. To minimize these feelings, he focused much of his youth on hand-to-hand fighting.

Tris followed in his fathers footsteps, like his brothers before him, and proudly joined the Imperial Guard. He was found to have a natural piloting ability, and trained as a pilot/navigator. So, in addition to his combat training he was also assigned to pilot an assault dropship for the Imperial Guard forces.

The Andorian Imperial Guard's oversight division had concerns about Thotris ch'Shizn being telepathic, since his mother was Aenas, having telepathic ability, but regular testing proved negative every time.

After a few years of training and a couple rank increases, Thotris was forced to resign from the Imperial Guard Assault Squadron. He had done nothing wrong, except to fall in love with the wrong girl. During an off duty time Thotris met a beautiful Andorian girl named Eeros, and after 2 days fell in love. He later found out that Eeros zh'Kalane was the daughter of Shralyn th'Kalane, a very influential businessman, who happened to be very anti-military on Andor. He would not allow his daughter to be anywhere near a warrior type, especially a half-breed. She was sent off to a boarding school and th'Kalane manipulated a situation that brought accusations and incriminations upon this young Andorian soldier. This effort forced Thotris ch'Shizn out of the Military. Only as a second option, he applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy, under the name - Tris Shizn.

To help him combat the excess heat aboard Starfleet vessels, during Tris' 2nd year at the academy, he took a cooling-transfer suite out of a spacesuit. He made some refinements; making the desired temp to be cooler, about 1 degree Celsius. The cooling and power mechanism was on the lower leg sections. Wearing this suit, even under his regular uniform, allowed him greater longevity with any physical activity. He would not wear this 'cool-suit' on most days nor during exercise, because he wanted to develop his endurance under normal conditions. But on any special assignment, away mission, or flight assignment he would don the 'cool-suit'.
Service Record Andorian Imperial Guard
2386-2387: Combat training
2386- Hand to hand fighting
2387-2387: Pilot/navigation training

Starfleet Academy
2387-2388: Starfleet Academy - Year I, General Studies
2388-2389: Starfleet Academy - Year II, Technology studies
------ 2389: USS Marshall - Junior Cadet Cruise
2389-2390: Starfleet Academy - Year III, Command/interspecies studies
------ 2390: USS Einstein - Senior Cadet Cruise
2390-2391: Starfleet Academy - Year IV, Advanced flight control

2391-2392: USS Hope - Asst. Flight Control Officer.
2392- : USS Devonshire - Chief Flight Control Officer