Episode 1: Border Patrol

Episode 1: Border Patrol

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Status Current Mission
Description Two ships belonging to the Opposition Forces in the Klingon Civil War crossed the border and subsequently attacked and destroyed the USS Falcon, a Defiant class vessel. Reports indicate that only one escape pod was launched, but it was empty. This leads Starfleet to believe the Falcon was lost with all hands. Fleet Admiral Bremer orders the Devonshire to the Inverness sector to take over the Falcon's patrol route and ensure no further border crossings occur.
Start Date Sat Dec 17th, 2016 @ 10:06am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
One does not suffer young fools
by Captain Lucius Abernathy-Nadir
16 November 2392; 0900 hours Hanger bay
The Pressing Energy Crisis
by Lieutenant Commander Shinji Kita
November 16, 2392 0100 Hours Deck 11, Main Engineering
Running Scenarios
by Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn
November 16 2392, 1030h MD2 Holosuite 4 - Deck 7
Reporting for Duty
by Commodore Graham Cantos & Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn
November 16 2392, 0800h MD2 Bridge - Deck 1
Science Arrives
by Lieutenant Commander Janik Reichart & Commodore Graham Cantos
16 NOV 2392, 1245 Hours, MD 2 Commodore's Ready Room, Deck One
New Orders
by Commodore Graham Cantos & Vice Admiral James Bremer
November 15 2392, 2000 Hours; MD1 Admiral K'Temoc's Office, SB400
Doctor Reichart, I presume?
by Lieutenant Commander Janik Reichart
November 16 2392, 1230 Hours; MD 02
Meeting of Minds
by Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn & Lieutenant Commander Shinji Kita
November 16 2392, 0900 Hours; MD 02 Main Engineering
Marines Coming Aboard
by Major Leo Haliwell Jr. & Commodore Graham Cantos
November 16th, 0730 Hours MD 1 SB 400 Docking Bay, Commodore's Ready Room

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