Specifications - Redemption Class Fighter

Specifications - Redemption Class Fighter

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Specifications of the Redemption Class Fighters assigned to Devonshire's Air Wing


Class Redemption Class
Role Strike Fighter


Length 23 meters
Width 19.7 meters
Height 5.1 meters


Officers 2


Cruise Speed Warp 4
Maximum Speed Warp 4.5
Emergency Speed Warp 5.1 for 6 hours

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Class 6 hull conformal shielding system
Weapon Systems 2 x Type-U+ Micro-pulse phaser cannon dual mounted on wing
1 x Type-VII phaser bank

1 x Mk II Photon/Quantum Micro Torpedo Launcher:
Location: 1 x Forward in nose & 1 x Aft between impulse engines
Casings: 20 warheads (10 photon and 10 quantum)

Personnel Transporters

Rooms 1 emergency