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Thoughts on the First Day

Posted on Sun Jan 1st, 2017 @ 7:12am by Commodore Graham Cantos
Edited on Sun Jan 1st, 2017 @ 7:31am

Graham sat at his desk in his quarters, finally out of uniform for the day. He sipped at a tumbler of bourbon with ice. It had been quite a busy day. He reached over with his free hand to activate his console.

"Captains personal log. November 15, 2392. What time is it now... Damn. Twenty three thirty already? Well I guess I won't be getting that much sleep tonight. Oh well, anyway, my first day onboard the Devonshire, or just the Dev as I've heard a few crew already calling her, is coming to its end finally. It's been a long day, not to mention an eventful one. I spent the first few hours onboard crawling through the innards of the ship, a habit from my engineering days I suppose. Then I spent the afternoon in my new office splitting the time between unpacking and meeting with my new senior staff."

He paused to take another sip of the Amber colored liquid in his glass.

"Then there was the dinner with the officers. A less formal affair for them to meet each other and start getting to know one another. It was a fairly quiet affair for the most part. They all seem somewhat introverted to a point so far. That's to be expected at first until they get to know each other and start working together. Which won't be long actually. I was called away for a meeting with my new boss, Admiral James K'temoc Bremer. This afternoon two Klingon Opposition Force vessels crossed the border and attacked and destroyed the USS Falcon. Which leads the Dev to our first mission. Tomorrow evening we depart to assume the Falcon's patrol and further investigate the attack. We're supposed to be the Task force's rapid response vessel and we're starting off right out the gate with being rapid. 24 hours into our assignment here, without a full crew even aboard yet, and we've got our first mission and departure scheduled. Tomorrow at 1700 we'll be leaving Starbase 400 for the Inverness system. If the first day is starting out this busy, what kind of tone does that set for the rest of our assignment here?"

Graham finished his drink and stood up. "No matter what comes at us next, we'll be ready for it. Save and end log, it's time for bed."


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