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Captain's Official Log: Entry #1

Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2017 @ 12:33am by Commodore Graham Cantos

Graham was already in his ready room and frustrated by the reports he found waiting for him at the early hour. He ordered a hot tea from the replicator and moved to sit on the couch rather than at his desk. He was too annoyed and didn't want to break anything over there and raise awkward questions with Engineering.

"Computer begin Captain's Log, 16 November, 2392 oh-six- forty-eight. Stardate, 69875.09132766627. I arrived early this morning to check on the status of our supply situation to see how it was coming along after last nights surprise assignment from Admiral K'temoc. Supplies are loading as well as can be expected, though we won't be getting as much loaded as I had hoped. At the top of my inbox was an update that our Marine Battalion will be arriving this morning, in about an hour or so. Getting them and their equipment loaded is going to take precedence over the ships supplies, simply because now that they're here I don't want to leave without them. It's quite possible we'll be needing them given the activity in the area of our destination. Next was a notification that we would not be receiving a Chief Medical Officer before departure, followed by a notification that my XO has been reassigned and has already been transported off the ship for her new assignment. The only other good news is that my Chief Science Officer should be arriving before departure time this evening. All in all, not the best way to start off my second day in command. What the day will bring us, who knows, but we'll take what we're given. Computer, save and pause daily log. End recording."

Graham shook his head at the situation the ship was finding itself in. Going into possible conflict with much less than a full crew, almost a third of his senior staff vacant, and nowhere near the supplies they should have. Hopefully this was not going to be the norm for the Devonshire, but time would tell!


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