Assuming Command

Posted on Thu Nov 24th, 2016 @ 4:26pm by Commodore Graham Cantos
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Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: SB400 Observation Lounge, USS Devonshire
Timeline: November 15 2392, 1100 Hours, MD1

Starbase 400 Observation Lounge:

Standing in the lounge overlooking the bay where an Insignia class ship waited, stood a man alone. Both physically and in his thoughts. The thoughtful look on his face spoke of the many thoughts running through his mind as he looked down on the ship below. Recently promoted to Commodore, he'd been reassigned to the ship he was looking at. He had gone over the specifications and the types of modules the ship could carry while he'd been in transit. He'd decided on what modules, and how many he wanted of each, and sent that information ahead to the starbase. By the time he'd arrived the day before, half the modules had been replaced and the rest were due to be changed out the night before while he slept. He'd been watching for the last two hours as paint had been applied where needed to reapply the ship's markings from the module exchange. Now the workbee's were withdrawing and the lights on the hull illuminated again, they'd been turned off so as not to blind the workbee pilots, and the ship's name and registration were visible. USS Devonshire - NCC 79942. His new command.

He had had numerous commands throughout his career, or career's depending on how one looked at his species extended lifespan. Devonshire was certainly going to be the most unique vessel he'd ever served on, let alone commanded. Versatile, adaptable, and very nearly top of the line. She could be reconfigured within a day to meet any new situation that arose and get there faster than most any other ship thanks to her Quantum Slipstream Drive. She was a midsize ship compared to the rest of the ships in the fleet, but with her weapons, defensive systems, and embarked air wing she could her own against quite a few threats before help arrived. If the situation called for it, he could put a Marine Ground Force on the ground comprised of a company of light infantry, a company of mechanized infantry, and a company of tanks, in addition to the support elements in the headquarters company and hold an objective until reinforcements from Starbase 400 could arrive. He was looking forward to getting aboard her and taking a look around himself, before the crew began to board. Which meant he had a few hours, so no reason to waste it looking at the ship from an observation lounge when he could be aboard!

USS Devonshire:

Security, he found, was suitably strict around the ship. Only one way on and off the ship. Anything that was to be beamed, or carried over by workbee was scanned before it even touched a transporter pad or was picked up. Hiw own credentials had been scrutinized by a rather stern faced Petty Officer First Class and his partner. He had to submit to a body scan before he was allowed past the checkpoint and into the ship, where he was checked in by yet another PO1, who logged everyone in when they arrived and out when they left again. He thanked them for taking things so seriously, and headed deeper into the ship to look around. He had three hours before the crew were supposed to begin boarding, but as the Commanding Officer, he did get certain privileges such as boarding early.

He first made his way to his quarters, his belongings were supposed to have been beamed aboard and he wanted to ensure each box was accounted for. Alone in the hallway outside his room he stopped, since the doors weren't going to open until he officially logged himself aboard and assumed his position as Commanding Officer.

"Computer, recognize Cantos, Graham, Commodore. Authorization Cantos Delta X-ray Seven One Eight." He said aloud as he glanced at the ceiling of the corridor.

Authorization approved. Logged: The Commanding Officer assumed duties at oh nine eighteen hours, All command functions unlocked.

Moments later, the doors to the CO's quarters slid open and he walked into his new suite of rooms. He had a living room, bedroom, personal bathroom, and even a small kitchenette. Was certainly more than big enough for the bachelor to live in comfortably. He strode to the center of the living room and made a quick count of the boxes that were stacked there. Everything was accounted for, he'd just have to move them to the various rooms, and have the two smaller boxes beamed to his ready room. He'd deal with that later on though, first things first, he wanted to prowl around the ship and learn a few important things before the crew began to arrive.