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A Learning Experience

Posted on Sun Dec 25th, 2016 @ 6:45am by Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn

Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: USS Vallence
Timeline: November 15 2392, 1700 Hours; MD 01


The streaking starfield in front of the small starship came back to normal as the Wallace Class vessel shut down its warp engines. Ensign Shizn sat in the copilot seat who had very much enjoyed the assisting Lt. Weaver, bringing the USS Vallence into port.

There, before them, hanging in space was Starbase 400, a Stardock facility and more importantly the home of Starfleet's Taskforce 99.

Tris tilted his head over and said, "Lieutenant, I want to thank you for this opportunity." The Andorian had flown many different shuttles during the Academy and also during his first assignment on the USS Hope. But to assist on a small starship like this was quite a joy to him.

Weaver turned toward the young Andorian, "Oh, you're not done yet."

Tris looked surprised, as his antennae pulled back slightly, "How's that?"

The Lieutenant continued, "You've brought us this far. I don't see why you shouldn't bring us in the rest of the way."

Tris was pleasantly shocked and turned to face the controls. A small smile of pride couldn't help but creep upon his face. His blue antennae leaned straight forward slightly.

Weaver activated the comm, "Starbase 400 flight control, this is the Vallence on final approach, requesting landing authorization and instructions."

After a moment the comm responded, =^=USS Vallence you are cleared for entrance through docking port three. I am providing landing guidance to landing bay 24463 Gamma. Be cautious in there. We are quite busy.=^=

Weaver looked over to Shizn and raised his eyebrows a couple times. Tapping the comm, "Understood flight control, entry port 3, bay 24463 Gamma. Out." The Lieutenant looked at the Andorian, "Its as easy as that."

Tris smiled back at the senior officer, confirmed the data on the display about the landing site and took control of the vessel. Impulse engines were brought to 1/4 as the vessel was banked to circumvent the stardock.

As the Wallace Class vessel approached the port, Shizn stated, "Reducing speed to 150 kph." Tris really wanted to look over to see the Lieutenants expression, but knew he really needed to focus on the controls and the ship identifier program.

Tris confirmed that there was a clear line of transport down to bay 24463. Most of the activity of ships inside the landing Bay Area was to his starboard.

He took a quick glance at Weaver, but Tris' Andorian senses told him to look front an instant before the collision alarm sounded. Before them was a transport/repair barge. It had moved in from the side and in front of their ship. There was no active transponder.

Before Weaver could react, Tris took the Vallence controls, flipped the ship upside down, and pulled up. The collision alarms continued as the Wallace accelerated down and away.

As soon as they were clear, Shizn cut speed, flipped the ship again, and brought the ship back to it original heading.

Weaver was amazed at what this young Ensign had just done and probably had saved their lives. He tapped the comm, "Flight control. You have an active barge moving about by door 3 with no transponder on it."

There was a quick reply, =^=Understood Vallence. We now have that on active sensors. Congratulations on the quick evasive action. That will definitely go down in the log.=^=

Weaver replied, "Thank you Flight. Please notate that Ensign Thotris Shizn was at our helm at the time."

=^=Understood Vallence. Our hats are off to the Ensign.=^=

The comm was deactivated and Weaver looked to Tris, "Ensign, I'll take it now," as he took up a more visual inspection of the area in front of them through he from viewport. "I'll definitely be reporting this incident and an incident report to your CO. That was quite a feat. How did you know what to do?"

Tris was feeling very warm now as he leaned back in the copilot seat. He was sure it was just the excitement of the situation that got his heart rate up. Andorians could function as such a warm temp of 72 degrees, but it wasn't easy. After another breathe Tris replied, "It was my antennae. They sense gravatic pressure as well as electro magnetic fields. I didn't know what it was, but knew something big was about to be in front of us."

Weaver thought that through then asked, "Okay, so why did you flip the ship over? Why not just pull up or down?"

"Oh, that." Tris responded with sly smirk. "The first part of this voyage, after you picked me up from the Hope, I was curious of the Vallence and its systems. So, I read all the construction and flight manual on the Wallace Class." He paused to let the Lieutenant absorb that. "I had learned that the landing thrusters were very strong and more forceful than needed for a ship this size. So, I knew that if I pulled up I would have more power than just banking or diving down."

The Vallence approached the landing bay. Weaver stated, "Cutting engines, going to thrusters. Landing gear down."

Shizn activated and confirmed that the landing gear was deployed.

The Wallace Class vessel settled onto pad Gamma, and all power systems were deactivated. Lt. Weaver turned to the young Andorian, "Well Mr. Shizn, it's been quite a learning experience. Thanks for saving our bacon."

Tris didn't quite understand the 'bacon' reference, but replied with a smile, "Definitely a learning experience."


Ens. Thotris ch'Shizn
Chief flight control officer
USS Devonshire


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