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Reporting for Duty

Posted on Sat Jan 14th, 2017 @ 7:48pm by Commodore Graham Cantos & Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn

Mission: Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: Bridge - Deck 1
Timeline: November 16 2392, 0800h MD2


Tris arose for the day. He had had a wonderful night sleep with the temperature set at 40 degrees in the bedroom. It was just like he was home on Andor. He even went to the mess and ordered some 'bikays' just like his mom use to make. From the replicator, of course.

Walking down the passageway, Tris realized that the Captain is not always on the Bridge. Tapping his comm badge, "Computer, where might I locate Commador Cantos?"

The computer replied, "Commador Cantos is on Deck One".

Stepping onto a turbolift with a slight yet confident smile came to Ens. Shizn's face, "Bridge".

Graham was on the bridge, flitting from console to console, observing that status of the ship from the perspective of the various departments. He'd arrived to start his day and learned that his XO had been reassigned for some reason and that he wouldn't be receiving a CMO immediately. That caused him a few headaches, since the Second Officer was trying to ensure the ship was functionally and operationally sound before that evenings departure, which left him to supervise the bridge and any additional incoming officers.

Tris walked onto the Bridge and across to a point a couple paces from the Commodore and came to attention with antennae standing straight. "Ensign Thotris Shizn, reporting for duty Sir."

"Ah good, our Chief Helm Officer." Graham said as he straightened up from leaning over the operations console. "Welcome aboard Ensign. It's a bit of a mad house around here at the moment, so if you don't mind we'll keep your reporting for duty rather informal." He smiled and motioned for the young Andorian to follow him as he made his way to the engineering console to get an overview of the ships systems.

Shizn followed the Commodore, stopping a step away, and stood relaxed. Tris watched as the commanding officer access the engineering systems and Tris followed easily. He was very familiar with the system, though not completely with this model.

"We're in the middle of emergency preparations for departure Ensign, so time is a little short at the moment. Devonshire departs the station no later than 1700 this evening for the Inverness system to relieve the USS Challenger and assume the patrol route of the USS Falcon and investigate the Falcon's destruction yesterday by two Klingon Opposition vessels."

"I see Sir," Shizn replied as his antennae leaned forward as he began to go over star charts in his mind related to the Inverness system. "I will make myself available for Bridge duty prior to launch time."

"You're right, you will." Graham agreed flatly. "All senior officer's will be manning their stations no later than 1600 hours and be busy ensuring their departments are ready for an on time departure at 1700."

Tris was having a good feeling about this Officer. He stood erect, "Yes Sir. Will there be anything else Sir?"

"Take the morning to settle in, and then get the Helm set up to your preferences. You'll be taking us out and getting us underway, so I want you ready to do so."

Tris couldn't help the smile at came to his face as his antennae stood straight, "Yes Sir!" He replied with great enthusiasm.

"Well then what are doing standing here Ensign?" Graham asked with a grin of amusement as he looked over his shoulder from examining the engineering console's displays. "Get to it, dismissed!"

Standing up straighter than he was before, if that was even possible, "Aye Sir." He turned about and walked across the bridge and onto the Turbolift.


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