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Just Another Face In The Crowd

Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2016 @ 2:18am by Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn

Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: Starbase 400 - Environmental Ring
Timeline: November 15 2392, 1730 Hours; MD 01

Stardock Environmental ring


Stardock space stations were just amazing to Tris. Some might say it was like a 'city in space'. But to Thotris Shizn, it was more like a small country in many respects. In some ways it reminded him of the subterranean cities of Andor.

With a small duffle-bag over his shoulder, Tris walked along one of the passageways, expecting to find just ahead the very large open area of the Environmental Ring. It was too large to call it an Arboretum. It was the open air section of the station that went up almost 75 decks. A massive artificial world in the vacuume of space.

Tris stepped out through the opening. The immensity of the space caused him to stop in his tracks and take in the view. Many people were milling about, as individuals or in small groups. Children were at play as well as others just sitting on the grass causally. He then realized, he stood in the center of the walkway, hindering the flow a little.

The Andorian stepped to the side and continued to look around; from the large body of water with boats on it, past the Central Office Complex with its 6 wings of tower space, to the open air stadium. Tris just stood and took in the wonder. He considered, of course he could have just gone directly from his flight to the station to his new posting vessel, but things always happened and he would get busy. So, he decided to just go for a short walk first. And he was glad he had.

Tris breathed in and breathed out slowly enjoying every moment. He knew that all the air was artificially processed, but this was the closest he had been to a planet-like atmosphere since he graduated from the Academy, about a half year ago.

Tris continued down the paved walkway looking about and enjoy the overall atmosphere as he went. He felt that the children's laughter was the one thing he was not use to hearing. It brought a smile to his face each time he came across those enjoyable sounds.

At one point the Andorian stopped suddenly, transfixed. His antennae spread wide and back in disbelief. A short distance across the grass Tris observed a young Andorian woman with two others, both appeared to be human. He spoke aloud without realizing, "It just couldn't be her."

The group of three were walking causally away from him. He turned unconsciously and followed them across the grass, bringing his antennae forward to hopefully hear or sense something from her. Tris slowly made his way through the mingling crowd getting closer and closer.

What had Tris so enthralled was that the female Andorian resembled the girl he had been forced to leave on Andor, so many years ago. None of the three women were in a Starfleet uniform, but that didn't mean much, since most off duty personnel would wear casual or civilian clothes while relaxing.

He had to decide if he was going to pursue the situation or refocus on reporting to his ship. Tris' antennae slouched forward onto his forehead, feeling unsure of himself. It was such a hurtful memory from almost 5 years ago. He looked up again rather startled, because now the three women were now standing before him.

The women had noticed Tris following them and chose to confront him. With the Andorian woman standing between the other two, she confronted him with a stern voice, "Why are you following us? What is it, you want?"

Tris felt slightly guilty, pulling his head back as well as his antennae. "I . . ah, well ya see . ."

The woman on the right cut him off, and forcefully stated, "I don't want to hear any lies. Fess up or we will report you."

Tris took a significant step backward, to give him a little more room, and a moment more of time to think of a response. He raised both palms in surrender, "Please forgive me." He looked directly at the Andorian, "You look so much like a girl I knew 5 years ago on Andor."

The woman on the left spouted with a bit anger in her voice, "Oh, I've heard that line before."

"No, no. Seriously," Tris exclaimed as he brought his hands together. "I was in love with . . "

He was again cut off, but his time by the Andorian, "Look! I don't know you, and I don't think I want to know you." Looking down at his uniform then back at him, "I don't care if you are an Ensign in Starfleet. Anyway, you're not a 'true Andorian'. You're much too pale."

Tris looked down, feeling sad and slightly humiliated by her prejudicial comment. Without looking up he replied somberly, "I understand. I meant no offense." He hadn't felt this bad in a very long time. Only a few Andorians over the years had treated him with such contempt.

Tris remained in a drooped posture of submission. He stood there in his thoughts, not wanting to be aggressive in his responses, but at the same time remain confident as a Starfleet Officer should.

When he looked up the women were gone. He hadn't even noticed their withdrawal. Tris looked to his right and then to the left, and finally saw them passing behind a bush a good distance away.

Tris looked about himself again. This time slightly embarrassed that others might be watching him, but no one seemed to be concerned nor care of his situation. A sad smirk came across his face, while his antennae sagged forward.

The Andorian cleared his mind, shaking off the humiliating feelings he had just experienced. With his duffle-bag reset on his shoulder he headed for the nearest building to find a turbolift.

Tris usually didn't handle difficult situation in this doubtful or uncertain way. Normally, he was confident in all areas of his training. He considered, 'maybe I need some training in the area of humiliating situations'.

He cleared his mind again as he walked. He really wanted to leave this moment with a better feeling. Tris then heard more children playing, which brought a smile again to his face.


Ens. Thotris ch'Shizn
USS Devonshire


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