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New Orders

Posted on Tue Jan 10th, 2017 @ 11:40pm by Commodore Graham Cantos & Vice Admiral James Bremer

Mission: Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: Admiral K'Temoc's Office, SB400
Timeline: November 15 2392, 2000 Hours; MD1

It was just as well he hadn't had much to drink at the dinner with his officers, the Intel briefing from Cross still in the back of his mind throughout the meal. With that information in hand, he hadn't been surprised when he'd received the message from Admiral K'Temoc to report to his office on the station. He held no doubts that it had to do with the situation along the border and the loss of the Falcon and her crew. With the computers assistance, it wasn't difficult to locate the Admirals office, even on a station as big as 400. He presently found himself in front of the office door and pressed the chime as he adjusted his jacket with his other hand.

K'Temoc had been released from Sick Bay earlier in the day, even though Doctor Hades wanted him to get more rest. He sat in his Office looking over reports from the border. He really wanted to take the Yorktown out to Inverness but he also knew he physically couldn't still. His throat was still healing and his voice was still low, soft, and scratchy. The cut across his throat was healed and there was no scar to speak of.

When the door chimed, K'Temoc hit a button on his desk to open the door. As it opened he spoke as long as possible, "Commodore, please come in and have a seat."

"Aye sir." Graham said as he entered the room and made his way over to his seat. "What can I do for you Admiral?" He asked as he sat down, taking note of the scratchy, almost raspy quality of the Admiral's voice.

"How's the Devonshire? Have you had a chance to get settled in?" K'Temoc asked.

"Just came from an introductory dinner with the officer's onboard so far actually." Graham commented. "Managed to get my ready room set up amidst the official reporting in meetings this afternoon. Spent a few hours nosing around the depths of the ship before that." He shrugged. "A few days to get the crew settled and supplies loaded and we'll be ready to go. End of the week most likely."

K'Temoc nodded. "Good, but you'll need to try and rush that a little. I'm sure you've read the reports of the loss of the USS Falcon near Inverness. Captain LaForge has the Challenger in the area now, but I'm sending the Devonshire there to relieve her so the Challenger can return to her own patrol area. I'll make sure you have all of their sensor data, but go over the debris field one more time. There had to be a reason for Klingon Opposition ships to cross the border and attack a Federation ship." He hadded Cantos a PADD with his official orders.

"You want us underway sooner, we'll be underway sooner sir." Graham nodded, accepting the Padd. "It would be a week to get us up to full stocks, but we can be ready by tomorrow afternoon with enough supplies for at least a month. I've got the senior staff to do the mission as is, but we're lacking a few people yet. Science would be the biggest missing piece for what you've tasked us to do. And our Marine Ground Force hasn't arrived yet either."

"Understood, but I'm sure you and your crew are up to the task. If any of your Marine or Science personnel arrive we'll send them to you via runabout." He took a sip of his raktijno.

"I'll take the science personnel, the Marines you might want to keep here until the whole battalions arrived. Security will have to suffice until the MGF arrives."

K'Temoc smirked. "Let's see who gets here first. Is there anything else you need before you depart?"

"Nothing immediately springs to mind Admiral, but I'll contact you in the morning after I meet with my staff and brief them on the situation."

K'Temoc nodded. "Have you had time to look over Task Force Ninety-Nine? We definitely have a unique group of ships and stations."

"Indeed we do Admiral." Graham agreed with a smile. "I studied it's composition while enroute to Starbase 400, when I wasn't studying the Devonshire's schematics, capabilities, and the various available modules." He chuckled in mild amusement. "Between the vessels on patrol and the various bases, as well as the myriad of ships stationed here at 400 we should be able to respond to most anything we're faced with out here."

K'Temoc nodded in agreement. "Are there any other questions you have for me?"

Graham thought about the question for a moment before answering with a question of his own. It was an old Earth saying that curiosity killed the cat, but what the bell. The Admiral had asked. "Out of all the available officers Admiral that you could have chosen to be your Task Force Executive Officer, what made you choose me?"

"Your record and experience." It was a short answer, but the truth and all that was needed in a reply right now.

"I suppose." Graham said with a shrug. "If there's nothing else Admiral, I'd best get back to the Devonshire and get the staff moving. We've got a lot to do and not much time to do it in."

K'Temoc stood and extended his hand. "May the wind by at your back Commodore."

"Fair skies and following seas Admiral." Graham said with a smile as he shook the younger man's hand. With that sufficing for a dismissal, Graham turned on his heel and left the office. Less than a day to get ready for deployment? And into possible hostile territory? What a way to start his newest assignment!


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