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My Ice Cave

Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2016 @ 2:19am by Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn
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Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: Quarters - Deck 4
Timeline: November 15 2392, 1800 Hours; MD 01


Thotris ch'Shizn made his way down to the main docking port where the USS Devonshire was docked. He had tried to get beamed aboard, but was informed 'due to the higher than usual security' all personnel were instructed to arrive through the gangway.

As Tris approached, he passed in front of a large viewport. The Andorian stopped to gaze out upon the Insignia Class vessel, his new posting. He had never been aboard this class of vessel before, but was now very familiar with its specifications. Tris had utilized his time very wisely on the voyager from the USS Hope, where he had read everything he could find, even back to the original designer's notes. He hoped to get a few hours in a simulator, once on board.

With a confident smile, the young Andorian resituated his small dufflebag on his shoulder and continued toward the main entry. He saw at the counter a Lieutenant and Ensign were on duty, with two armed security personnel by the door to the gangway. There were a few other people in line in front of him and others formed up in a line behind him. This was definitely a busy day.

When it was his turn, Tris stopped before the counter and reported, "Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn checking for duty assignment." Tris observed that the Lieutenant was a tall blonde human woman with her hair pulled neatly back on the back of her head. Tris was sure, from some experience, that her hair was probably very long when let down. While the Ensign was a very young short Ferengi. He was pretty sure hat she was in charge and he took care of all the details.

The Lieutenant ordered, "Orders please."

Tris was more than ready to hand her a small PADD, and then smiled.

She accepted the orders and ignored the Ensign for the moment. After confirming the orders, she also confirmed the Helmsman's Quarters and placed that information and other details about the Devonshire onto the PADD. She looked up and stated, "Please place your hand on the scanner plate before you."

Tris placed his right hand upon the outline of a 5 fingered hand on the plate before him. The scannner activated automatically.

The Lieutenant collected the updated PADD and new comm badge and set them on the counter between them, and in a very business like form stated, "This is your new Comm Badge. You should replace the one on your uniform right now. The PADD has been updated with important details about the Devonshire, as well as your assigned quarters, which is on Deck 4, section 6 Alpha. Do you have any questions?"

Ens. Shizn attached the new comm badge to his uniform, placing the old one on the counter, which was scoped up very quickly by the Ferengi. He then picked up the PADD and took a quick look. Looking back at the Lieutenant, "No, no questions." Tris then noticed a much warmer smile from the blonde woman.

Lt. Welch then said with graciousness in her voice and a smile, "Well Ensign, welcome aboard the Devonshire. I'm Lieutenant Welch." She looked to her side then back at Thotris, "And this is Travis. If operations can do anything to help please let us know."

Tris was quite overwhelmed by the Lieutenant's welcome. He hadn't expected her to turn from business to cordial, but was please it ruined out that way. "Thank you Lieutenant . . Welch." He nodded to the Ensign. "If I need something, I will give you a call."

With nothing more to do or say, Ensign Shizn turned and walked toward the gangway that would take him out to the ship. Tris noticed the guards again, standing on either side of the door. He was looking at them when he walked over a meter square scanner on the deck, which scanned him and his possessions, and responded with a green line border about the scan area and a positive sounding chime.

One of the guards gave him a nod and a wink as he approached the open doorway.

It seemed like quite a walk down e gangway. When Ens. Shizn arrived at the ship two more security personnel were standing just inside the ship's access docking port. Tris didn't delay, but proceeded toward the nearest turbolift.

The passageway seemed busier than he had expected. Tris really wasn't sure what he should expect on a day like this, where a lot of the crew were still coming on board.

He entered a turbolift and he doors 'whooshed' close behind him, "Deck 4, Section 6." The turbolift moved off quickly and arrived on Deck 4 after just a few seconds.

Tris walked out onto another busy passageway. He had to stop and look at his PADD to confirm the room number and location. "Alright, take the next right and 3 doors down on the left." He continued on his way and arrived before a door with a plate next to it, [ Ens. Thotris Shizn - 463A ].

The door had not opened automatically. So after a look at the side noticed a small scan plate. He pressed his right thumb to the plate and the door opened.

Tris walked into a very nice room with a sofa, chair, and table, but more importantly there was a viewport and he could see out into the spacedock. He was not at all expecting this, but realized that since he was the lead Helmsmen, he was considered a senior officer, which are given better quarters than others his rank.

He looked to the side and saw a small dining area and work station. About the suite there were a couple bookshelves and a piece of abstract art hanging on the wall. He took a few more paces in , dropping his duffle into the chair. To the other direction was a door. He walked through and found a bedroom and lavatory. He was very pleased with this assignment already. For some reason he thought he would need to share a room with another Ensign, like last time, and have to share everything.

On the Hope things had not gone well, not gone well at all. As an Andorian, he preferred cooler temperature, but his roommate had been a human with dark skin and had grown up in a hot and arid climate. They had many disagreements until he was moved to a room with a human that called himself an Aleut. His name was Jacob Netsvetov. They got along tremendously.

Tris looked about the room and his mind began to spin with possibilities. He figured he could lower the temperature in the main room to 60 degrees to be more comfortable, which was somewhat okay for most humans to dealmtpwith when visiting. He could then lower the temperature in the bedroom down to 40 degrees, so he could get an excellent kpnight sleep.

For decor, he knew he could hang a crystalline art on the one wall. It would resemble the ice sheets of Andor. He was sure there could be a few other things he would think up.

The door then chimed and Tris replied, "Enter."

In walked a couple crewmen each with a crate in their hands.

It was his personal items. "Set them right on the sofa," the ensign stated.

The crewmen set the crates down and left the room.

Tris then turned back to the room and smiled, "Yes. This will be my own private Ice Cave.


Ens. Thotris ch'Shizn
USS Devonshire


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