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Marines Coming Aboard

Posted on Tue Dec 27th, 2016 @ 2:21am by Major Leo Haliwell Jr. & Commodore Graham Cantos

Mission: Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: SB 400 Docking Bay, Commodore's Ready Room
Timeline: November 16th, 0730 Hours MD 1

SB400 Docking Bay:

Leo quickly strode into the docking area, hit by the plethora of noises coming from the collection of Marines that had gathered in. He paused at the entrance and reached up, adjusting the black beret that adorned his head and cleared his throat before calling "MARINES! Form up on me, now! Organise by Company!" He stood at parade rest as he watched the Marines start scuttling about, moving into neat, tightly ordered lines three paces in front of him. Once the lines where formed, he smiled and began to walk slowly, but with purpose in front of the gathered Marines.

"Okay Marines, Listen up! I want you and your kit ready to go aboard Devonshire by oh eight hundred sharp. I will -not- accept any excuses bar someone breaking a limb." he paused and stopped in front of the gathered company on the left of the formation, standing infront of the Captain on their left flank "Captain Smith, You'll be in charge of making sure both Headquarters and this entire battalion is ready to move when I return from my meeting with the Commodore, is that clear?" he waited, before Smith responded "Sir, Yes Sir!". He smiled and gave a gentle nod, moving slowly across the front of the formation again.

"Each Company will be responsible for their equipment, and their equipment only..." he paused and adjusted his uniform "...This includes weapons, tools, vehicles and personal kit. If you leave something behind, tough shit." he chuckled slightly then stopped mid formation "Okay Marines, Lets be about it!" he called, before turning towards the exit and walked out, heading towards the personnel docking tube to the Devonshire. He paused at it's entrance, then walked up and into the ship, quickly making his way to the turbolift. He stepped into the lift and began to whistle quietly before saying "Deck 1." and leaned against the wall of the lift as it made its way to its destination.

Once the lift reached its destination, he stepped out and walked down the corridor, ending up outside an office door, and pressed the admittance buzzer and waited, reaching up to adjust his beret again as he did.

Commodore's Ready Room:

Graham sat at his desk, it was going to be a busy day and status updates were already filing into his Padd. Captain LaForge and the Challenger were still onsite in the Inverness system covering the patrol area of the destroyed Falcon and her crew. Nothing new had been found since their report to Admiral K'temoc the night before. His own staff had been working hard throughout most of the previous night after his return from his meeting with the Admiral aboard the starbase. Graham had already spoken with docking control and set the time for the Devonshire's departure for 1700 hours that evening. K'temoc wanted the Devonshire in the Inverness system as soon as possible. They'd be far from full on supplies, but they'd have enough for a few months out of station loaded before departure time. More than enough to conduct their mission anyways. He'd been pleasantly surprised when he woke up that morning to find an update that his entire Marine Ground Force would be onboard the station no later than 0800, so he expected to be visited by the Battalion's CO before long. He chuckled to himself as the chime at his door sounded. He set aside the Padd with that tidbit of vital information, speak of the devil as they say...

"Enter." He announced as he crossed the office to the replicator for a morning coffee.

Leo pressed the entry button and watched the doors slide apart before stepping in, moving within three paces of the desk before snapping to attention and saluting "Major Haliwell, Reporting as ordered, Sir." he announced crisply, his forest green eyes fixed on the Commodore, awaiting a response, his body rigid in attention, nothing but his eyes moving, quickly glancing about the office.

"At ease Major, help yourself to the replicator if you like." Graham nodded to said replicator and sipped his coffee. "Then have a seat, unless you'd prefer to stand."

Leo relaxed and smiled, giving a careful nod and said "Thank you, Sir." as he moved toward the replicator, he paused then quickly orders "Coffee, White, Sugar." watching the replicator briefly before picking up the mug and moving to the chair opposite the Commodore "Aye Sir, it'd rather sit, I've been on my feet since oh four thirty, because the transport decided it was going to turn up extremely early." He gave a quick smile before bringing the mug up to his lip and taking a long drink of the hot fluid.

"Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to find out you'd be arriving this morning with your battalion." Graham agreed with a nod. "Before we get to the logistics of getting your people onboard, let me give you a brief rundown of the situation we find ourselves in. Yesterday, at approximately 1500 hours, the USS Falcon was attacked by two Klingon vessels belonging to the Klingon Opposition Forces. The USS Challenger, under the command of Captain LaForge responded to the distress call, but couldn't arrive in time to save the Falcon. She was destroyed with all hands aboard. A single, empty escape pod was recovered by the Challenger. They did manage to destroy one of the attacking vessels before they could escape. The other did escape, but the extent of the damage on her is unknown. Last night at about 2000 hours Admiral K'temoc ordered the Devonshire made ready for departure and gave us the mission of relieving the Challenger and assuming the Falcon's patrol route and investigating her attack and subsequent destruction. So you can understand why I was happy to learn of you and your Marines arrival this morning."

Leo gave a nod as he listened, sipping his coffee again, and sitting up a little straighter as the Commodore mentions the Klingon Opposition Forces before nodding again and saying "Aye, I see why Sir. I've been hearing the reports on the Klingon Opposition Forces and it sounds like they're getting nastier by the day." he paused, placing his mug down on the desk and reached inside of the tunic of his uniform, pulling out a PADD. "I've also read the intelligence briefings on the tactics and weapons they're employing, it's why I have put in a request for my battalion size to be increased to accommodate a Heavy Infantry Company, so, powered infantry..." he paused again, holding out the PADD "...I know the Commanding Officer of the Company, and he's a damned good officer. The request has already gone up to Marine Command, but, I thought it best you had a copy of the request." he picked his coffee back up and returned to sipping it, still holding out the PADD as he awaited a response.

"All we're allotted for is your headquarters company, the light infantry company, mechanized infantry company, and armor company you currently have with you." Graham said as he accepted the Padd. "You can make the request, but what you've got, is what we've got room for here."

Leo gave a careful nod and shrugged "Fair enough, Sir. I'll probably get the same response from Marine Command too." he paused and used his free hand to scratch the lightly evident stubble on his chin "So, Sir, My Battalion is ready to come aboard as soon as you say so. I heard Devonshire is meant to launch at seventeen hundred, so, We'll have to move quick." He paused again, downing what was left of his coffee before playing with the cup between his hands. "My executive officer, and Special Operations squad CO, is making sure the men are ready to move..."

"Module C is going to be the home for you and your men." Graham nodded. "Third module from the left side of the ship as you face outward from the bridge. It's barracks style accommodations I'm afraid. I believe its 8 men to a bunk room, for Staff Sergeants and below. Gunny and everything above get their own room. I know you're going to have to hustle to get everything on board before 1700, so don't let me keep you Major."

Leo stood and gave a firm nod "Understood, Sir. Luckily my Marines tend not to complain." he paused and adjust his uniform, straightening it out before reaching up to smooth out his beret "I'll have the Battalion on board as soon as possible, and i'd like to invite you down to inspect the troops once we're settled." He paused, and smiled lightly "I should have them mustered and ready to be inspected by about two hours after launch, if that is acceptable, Sir."

"I'll see what I can work into my schedule Major." Graham chuckled and nodded slightly. "Dismissed Major, get your men aboard and start settling in. I'll be damned if I know what to expect once we hit the Inverness system, so expect some drills between here and there."

Leo nodded and snapped a quick salute before turning about face and stepped out through the doors of the office, and headed to the turbolift.


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