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Meeting of Minds

Posted on Fri Jan 6th, 2017 @ 4:22am by Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn & Lieutenant Commander Shinji Kita
Edited on on Fri Jan 6th, 2017 @ 5:26am

Mission: Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: November 16 2392, 0900 Hours; MD 02


Arriving on time for first shift with the other abridge officers was done out of routine. Ensign Thotris Shizn took his seat behind the Helm station. While in port, there really were no duties to preform, but regulations required that all crucial stations be manned at all times.

Ens. Shizn completed a thorough diagnostic of the flight control console and found everything to be at the ready, as expected. That didn't take very much time. He then began to review history logs of what the ship had gone through. For most ships, this was significant, but for the Devonshire, being new, not much had taken place since it's time leaving the assembly dock.

Tris would really like to have a better feel for the ship, what it could or not do. He thought that a one-on-one conversation with the Chief Engineer just might be the logical next step.

After calling up another flight control officer, Ens. Shizn made his way to the turbolift, upon entering, "Deck 11, Main Engineering."

[ Main Engineering ]

Since their slated departure from Starbase 400 was announced, Shinji had made demands of key engineering staff to triple check the systems. It was due to such outrageous commands that Main Engineering was bursting with energy. If anyone looked idle for a prolonged period of time, they were given a task to do and sent on their way.

The Chief Engineer sat at the center of this madness, insistent on overseeing every last calibration and final test of the ship. The Captain was determined for them to depart on time, and Shinji was just as adamant on ensuring they do so without mechanical issue. If any member of the crew intended to speak to him, they would have to grab his attention as he continued to direct his frantic engineers.

Ens. Shizn entered Main Engineering to find a 'feskar' hive of activity. Tris stepped to the side, watching the activity and not wanting to intrude. His eyes finally caught sight of the Chief, Cmdr. Kita. It seemed like every time he was about to move toward him, someone else would step up to talk to him. This was a touch frustrating to Tris, but he also understood the situation and what they were preparing for.

Tris lifted his Andorian chin confidently, antennae raised high and sure of himself, and walked directly up to the Commander. He stopped a couple strides away, and when alone stepped up confidently and stated, "Commander Kita, I am Ens. Shizn, Helmsman. I know you are very busy, but may I have a minute of your time?" He continued to look directly at the Commander confidently. Of course inside, he was very nervous and afraid to turn away, that he might get distracted and loose his assuredness.

If Shinji detected any nervousness from the young Andorian, it did not show. Instead, he turned to the helmsman, waving off the engineers to get to their tasks. "We're on a tight schedule, but I believe I have a moment. You're Chief Helmsman, correct? We should have a less chaotic chat when I'm not in the midst of Engineering preparations. But, what can I do for you?"

"Yes Sir. Chief Flight Control Officer," Shizn stated confidently. He knew he couldn't waste the commander's time, so he continued with a purpose, "I have reviewed the logs and data for the Devonshire, but they lacked some details." He marched on, not letting him interrupt, "I would like to know how you think 'She' will handle? Every vessel has it quirks and/or tendencies. I would rather know of any now, instead of while in flight. This will give me a better reaction time when I'm on the bridge." Well, there it was, he had laid it all out. Tris stood there confidently waiting for an answer and hoping this Commander didn't kick his 'blue-skin-ass' off the deck.

"I can't imagine the Devonshire wouldn't handle anything less than superbly," replied the Chief Engineer without so much as hesitating. "I've only seen her for the past twenty four hours. You'll have to pardon me when I say I haven't the slightest idea what those quirks would be. When I do receive them, I can pass them your way, but until then, it may be best that you explore the ship's handling on your own."

That's not at all what I was hoping for, Tris thought as a slight disheartened look brushed his face. Shizn, then with a more confident demeanor replied, "I understand. I too expect her to handle quite well." Tris wasn't sure how else to approach the situation. He certainly didn't want to waste the Commander's time. He added, "Thank you for your time Sir."

Shinji observed the young Andorian's expression change, and reached out to put a hand on his shoulder. "I do admire your initiative, Ensign. Not many pilots would bother to come down to Engineering to ask such a question. Most think too high of themselves to believe that collaboration is key to the success of any mission, or ship assignment. I imagine we'll both have multiple conversations with one another in the near future, as we both determine how the ship handles, and if there's anything either of us is capable of achieving to push her to her limits."

Tris felt overwhelmed inside that the Commander had spoken to him on this level. It was what he was hoping for, but not sure it would happen. "I too hope for effective communication to improve the Devonshire's capabilities." A slight smile came to the Andorian's face as his antennae moved forward a bit.

"Then I believe we will be able to effectively communicate together." Shinji gave the Andorian's shoulder a pat. "I do believe we should also return to our duties. We have much to do if we're to be prepared to depart on time."

Tris came to attention, "Yes Sir. Thank you for your time." Without another word Shizn turned on his heel and walked briskly across the deck and out of Engineering. Out in the passageway his pace slowed a little as he considered his brief encounter with the Chief. I'm definitely looking forward to the next time we meet.


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