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Mission Briefing

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2017 @ 2:31pm by Commodore Graham Cantos & Lieutenant Commander Shinji Kita & Lieutenant Commander Clint Cross & Major Meredith Thompson & Lieutenant Rowan Moares & Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn

Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: Conference Room, Deck One
Timeline: November 15, 2392 2100 Hours

Graham had just returned from his meeting with the Task Force Commanding Officer and he'd headed directly to the conference room on deck one. It was later than he'd prefer for a staff meeting, but they had limited time to get supplies loaded and the ship ready for departure. Less than 24 hours, but that was the name of the game. It would certainly put the rapid in rapid response vessel. He ordered a glass of water from the replicator and set it on the table beside his Padd.

He hesitated a moment before he pressed the button on the comm panel at his seat at the table. This was what they'd all signed up for and emergencies didn't keep banking hours. "This is the Captain. Senior staff report to the conference room immediately. We've received our first orders. I repeat senior officers to the conference room immediately. That is all."

In less than five minutes, the first to arrive came ambling through the door, hair in disarray and a smudge on his cheek. In one hand was a half-eaten sandwich, telltale signs of where he had run from. He took a moment to run a hand through his hair before seating himself, making short work of the last minute meal before the others arrived. "Mmm, sorry," he mumbled to Graham.

"No apologies necessary Commander." Graham said with a small laugh. "I've done the exact same thing before when i was a chief engineer. You take what you can get when you can get it." He'd found himself in that almost exact same position on more than one occasion during his career. When you're in the middle of a dinner date and the coolant line to the warp core decides to spring a rather large leak dinner and the date get left at the table!

Leah sighed when she was right in the middle of reports as well as duty rosters and other items when she got the call. She shut her computer off and headed straight to the observations lounge. After a few moments passed she entered and nodded to both the Commodore and the Chief Engineer and took her seat.

Tris had returned to his quarters and was preparing for a cold sleep when he received the Captain's message. For a moment Tris questioned if the Helmsman would qualify him as a 'Senior Officer'. He was only an Ensign. Tris' father's voice then came to mind about 'duty and honor' no matter what level or position. Ens. Shizn then put on a set of work coveralls and boots and headed to deck 1. Upon arrival in the conference room, Ens. Shizn took up and sat in a chair furthest from the Captain. He nodded and simply said, "Good evening Sir."

Rowan was next to arrive. She looked around the room for a suitable vacant seat and chose one at the other end of the table facing the door so she could see who was coming in. Taking her seat Rowan sat down and waited for the briefing to start - pleased that she wasn't the last one to arrive. That was one thing she hated.

Clad in his signature dark grey, Azetbol walked quickly through the doors to the brifing room as they hissed open. With a curt nod to those gathered, he sat and produced a PADD from inside his jacket.

Cross finally arrived. He'd been reading up on additional reports, and had lost track of time. He nodded to the Commodore as he took a seat.

Merry walked in rubbing her hands down her flight suit. "Sorry was tinkering with my bird." she said with a quick apologetic smile.

Graham nodded, more to himself really, as he glanced at the clock in his console. Five minutes and some change from the time he put out the summons until the entire senior staff was assembled. Not a bad first time, but it would improve over time. "I apologize for the late hour of the meeting ladies and gentlemen, but I've returned from my meeting with the Admiral and he handed us our first official orders." Graham said as an opener for the meeting. "As you are all aware, the Klingons are still fighting their civil war. Klingon Opposition Forces have made several border crossings into Federation space in recent days. A few days ago a Klingon Opposition ship and a Loyalist vessel got into it on their side of the border, and during the course of the fight crossed into Federation space at the Archanus system. Both ships crashed into Archanus Four, prompting a response from the starbase. A task group was sent to the planet, including a detachment from the First Marine Division. Additional KOF vessels arrived and engaged our forces, both in orbit and on the ground. Casualties were heavy on both sides, prompting reinforcements be sent from the starbase, as well as a force from the Loyalists. That was enough to drive the Opposition forces out. As a result we're at a heightened state of readiness."

He explained more of the situation than the crew truly needed, wanting them to have as much information about the overall situation they found themselves in as possible. He sipped from his water glass and looked around the table at everyone before he took a breath and moved onto the current situation. "Unfortunately, that wasn't the last border crossing. Today at approximately 1420 hours two Opposition force vessels crossed the border and without provocation engaged the USS Falcon. Falcon issued a distress call, to which the USS Challenger responded. Before the Challenger arrived, the Klingon vessels destroyed the Falcon. She was lost with all hands aboard. Challenger arrived and engaged the Klingons, destroying one vessel and damaging the other before it cloaked and escaped. Challenger is currently still on station in the Inverness system, but she has other duties to see to. Admiral K'temoc has ordered the Devonshire readied for departure immediately. We leave Starbase 400 no later than 1700 hours tomorrow." He raised his hands to ward off any protestations that were almost guaranteed after that announcement. "I'm aware that we've not yet begun to take on supplies and that it will take a week to get us fully equipped, but we have 20 hours before departure. Supplies will stop being loaded at 1600, so 19 hours from right now to load supplies. I'm giving 12 hours for general supplies, the other 7 hours are for the weapons. Comments?"

Ens. Shizn looked about the briefing room at the many faces. He saw a good cross section of expressions on their faces; from anger to doubt, from confidence to fear. The Helmsman felt concerned, but confident. He thought, I definitely need to speak the the Chief Engineer, and looked over at LtCdr. Kita. There was a face that Tris saw no fear.

"I can prioritize Engineering supplies to essentials and defensive equipment, Sir." Shinji didn't bat an eye at the orders. "I also recommend we dedicate some of the allotted time to emergency repair supplies. We have a quarter of what would I feel would be a safe amount, but it shouldn't take us more than an hour to retrieve what I believe is most essential. Would it be safe to assume we will likely not be able to return for supplies for a prolonged period of time?"

"With ten to twelve hours for ship supplies, we should be able to be underway somewhere between three and five months before we need to resupply, depending on crew size." Graham allowed. afterall this was Starfleet and there was no guarantee they'd be back immediately.

"Mm." Shinji nodded solemnly, arranging the mental list in his head to compensate for the numbers. "I'll make sure to prepare Engineering for that length of time."

"Get what supplies you need Commander. Let's make it two hours strictly for engineering, four for weapons, two hours for medical, and the remainder for general supplies. I want us as ready as we can be. Anyone else have something they want to add? This is all written in mud until you all have your say." Graham said as he looked around the table at his assembled officers.

"Can we use shuttles to ferry goods aboard and our own ground crew to hurry the loading up?" Merry asked

"If we were outside the station, then yeah it would help, but we're still docked inside the station. Shuttles are useless at this point."

"Then why not let us maneuver outside the station use site to site transport and shuttles we half the time too load up and in the allocated time get twice the amount on board as we would inside the station" Merry suggested

"The transporter rooms and cargo transporters are already operating at maximum, in addition to cargo being loaded by anti-grav sleds."

Tris hadn't said a thing during this meeting. There really wasn't anything for a Helmsman to comment about. The Andorian just closed his eyes and shook his head slightly. All these ideas were good, but would not make loading any faster. They needed more time, and that possibility was not going to happen with the Captain's set deadline for departure. That was the point when he would add his talent to the adventure.

"The shuttles would get us a little more efficiency, but we haven't even cut the umbilical's and gone to ships power yet." Graham said with a shrug. "Mister Kita, as soon as this meeting is over I want engineering brought fully online. Take anyone you need from Operations to make it happen."

This received a nod from the Engineer. "Consider it done before 0000 hours, Sir."

"Just don't blow up the ship." Graham nodded and looked around, "Does anyone have anything else?" Graham waited a few moments, but when no one spoke up he looked around the table at the faces arrayed before him. They were, it seemed, ready to get to work and prepare the ship for it's mission. "That's it then. Let's get to work folks. We've got a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in. Dismissed."


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