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New ship, new birds.

Posted on Mon Jan 9th, 2017 @ 12:49am by Captain Lucius Abernathy-Nadir

Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: Hanger bay
Timeline: 15 November 2392; 1530 hours

Lucius watched as the Eagle Class fighter maneuvered into the hanger and slowly touched down. “That’s the last one.” He said to the man next to him. “Let base control know we’ve got ‘em all.”

“Aye Cap.” Replied the Gunnery Sergeant.

Lucius looked over the craft and down the other eleven, watching as maintenance tech’s were going over every inch. “Go ahead and bed ‘em down Mark. And have the birds ready to fly when we leave space dock.”

Lucius had been pleasantly surprised to find Mark Lopez aboard. The two had served together eighteen years ago at Camp Hayes during the war. Back then they were both fresh Privates too dumb to know how terrified they should be. That seemed like a lifetime ago now. And now as he found himself a Squadron Leader for the first time, he also found his old friend in charge of maintaining the aircraft of his Squadron. It was a good fit in his mind. He knew he could trust his chief and that was an important step.

“Oh they’ll be ready skipper. You know that.” Mark responded to him with a smile. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get this report to Master Sergeant Santini. By your leave Captain?” Mark asked. They were old friends but they were still officer and enlisted now and Mark was very traditional.

“Of course Gunnery Sergeant.” Luc replied. After Mark left, he walked over to the last fighter to arrive. The cockpit had not yet been stenciled with the pilot’s name. That would happen over the course of the next couple of days while the craft were all checked and rechecked. By the time they left dock, each pilot would be assigned a craft. He’d heard of some officers who managed to convince Logistics command to let them take the same fighter with them to each assignment. He didn’t have that kind of pull and didn’t particularly care either. Half the fun of a new assignment was breaking in a new bird. He looked forward to doing it again.


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