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Science Arrives

Posted on Thu Jan 12th, 2017 @ 4:01am by Lieutenant Commander Janik Reichart & Commodore Graham Cantos

Mission: Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: Commodore's Ready Room, Deck One
Timeline: 16 NOV 2392, 1245 Hours, MD 2

Graham was beginning to grow concerned. There were only three and a half hours left to load supplies and only four and a half until departure. All the departments were supposed to be manned and ready, or what was going to pass as manned and ready with a large chunk of crew not even arrived yet. The ship was getting underway into a possible conflict zone with no Executive Officer, no Chief Medical Officer, no Chief of Operations, and until a few minutes ago, no Science Officer. Luckily at least the Chief Science had arrived according to the update from the security team at the gangway. If the Ensign had passed on his instructions for the Lieutenant Commander to report directly to him, he ought to be arriving in any moment. At least now he only had three large gaps in his senior staff instead of four, that was one thing to be thankful for.

Janik stepped off the turbolift. Giving his tunic the "Starfleet snap" that is, the short tug to pull it into place, he paused at the doors to the Commodore's ready room. Despite the unusual incident at the gantry he was no fool in knowing that a commanding officer of a starship could run things as they saw fit. It was only then that he realized he had not bothered reading the Commodore's file; something that he would have to correct at a better time.

NOW you think about it, Janik thought. He let out an annoyed sigh and he tapped the page button on the control pad by the doors.

"Come!" Canots ordered as he set the Padd on his desk, though he really wanted to throw it instead. With luck this would be the last damn meeting of this type prior to departure.

The doors opened and Janik entered the ready room. He bowed his head at the man who was seated behind the desk. He had a taciturn look about him.

Clearing his throat, Janik spoke. "Commodore, Sir. Lieutenant Commander Janik Reichart reporting as ordered."

"Glad you made it Commander. That fills one of our major gaps. Have a seat. Our situation is somewhat urgent right now."

Janik took a seat before the Commodore's desk. If it was one thing that was not unusual about being a starship was that urgency was as common as the passing day.

"Thank you, Sir," he answered. "Is there anything that I can help with?"

"We're departing the starbase in just over four hours Commander. Yesterday the USS Falcon was destroyed by two Klingon Opposition vessels. We've been ordered to relieve the USS Challenger who responded to the attack. We'll be investigating the attack and taking over the Falcons patrol. You'll be responsible for investigating the site of the attack."

Janik pressed his hand to his chin as he normally did when he was struck something so sudden. He then gave a subtle smile. "From out of the fire into the frying then," he said. "So I guess it would be a tad presumptuous of me to say that any hope of getting you to acknowledge that my posting to my ship was a mistake, and that you are NOT going to recommend my transfer to science station."

"Commander, your orders assign you here, on the Devonshire. You are our Chief Science Officer, so whatever other ideas you have in your head, you can forget them. You won't be getting any transfer orders from me. You have three hours to ensure the Science department in orders."

Or else. It did not need to be said, but the look on Commodore Cantos' face told Janik it was best that he did not have to say it. He cupped his hand to his mouth and he let out a quick cough as he stood up.

"Aye, aye, Sir. If you..ah...don't mind I think I will go and get started."

"I think that would be a good idea Commander. Dismissed."

With the uncomfortable meet and greet finished Janik stood and he left the ready room. Once the doors closed behind him, he muttered softly to himself. "Damn."

And the day was not even over yet.


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