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Running Scenarios

Posted on Sun Jan 15th, 2017 @ 10:09am by Ensign Thotris ch'Shizn

Mission: Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: Holosuite 4 - Deck 7
Timeline: November 16 2392, 1030h MD2


After leaving the Captain, Ens. Shizn took the turbolift to deck 7. Stepping out into the passageway, Tris took great strides with purpose toward the Holosuite. On the way down he had confirmed it's availability and reserved time for that holo-deck.

This was a very busy deck with crew members walking in every direction with intent in their step. As he walked Tris wondered if their CO preferred Commodore or to be called Captain. To no one except himself he said, "I guess we'll find that out the first time someone calls him 'Captain'." He rather chuckled to himself as his antennae leaned toward each other.

Shizn then stopped before the control interface right outside the holodeck. He looked down intently at the listing of programs for training and scenarios on the bridge. His antennae leaned forward as he scrutinized the list, "Ah, Bridge-elude,evade #224." He taped the console bringing up the specifications, "Computer, initiate program."

After just a few seconds the computer replied, "Program complete. Enter when ready."

Shizn turned and walked toward the large door which whooshed open, and he stepped onto the Bridge of the USS Devonshire. The ship was already at warp speed, confirmed by the streaking stars on the viewport to his left. He walked directly to the Helm station and relieved the Ensign sitting there.

Tris took in the status of the ship with a quick glance. Everything seemed to be functioning as they sped through the stars at Warp 6. There were a few changes he made to the console configuration. He of course could Helm the vessel with the standard layout, but he preferred some minor changes.

From his time in the Andorian Royal Empire, Tris found that it worked best for him to have the velocity controls on the left of center, while the Navigation readouts to right of center. This allowed manual controls just outside that, right and left of these other sections. His arrangement was quickly made and he saved that console configuration as 'Shizn 1q'.

With that set, the Andorian relaxed a touch his antennae leaning slightly to the side, as he did standard system checks on the rest of the console.

After a few minutes the OPS officer stated, "Sir. We have indications of debris directly ahead. A very vast field."

The person sitting in the command chair was of Command rank with 3 pips on his collar, "Bring us out of warp just short of the debris and take us to 1/2 impulse."

"Aye Sir," Shizn replied. He instructed the ship to leave warp 15,000 kilometers prior to the indicated point. At the right point in time/space the ship dropped out of warp. Shizn reported, "Coming to 1/2 Impulse."

OPS spoke up, "The debris is extensive. Sensors indicate not much room."

The Commander leaned forward, "Bring us to 090 degrees."

"090 degrees aye", the Helmsman responded. As the Devonshire angled to the right a 90 degree turn.

"How vast is this field? Of what is it made?" The Commander asked.

OPS replied, "It appears to be planetary debris, but there is no star in this area. It must be many planets worth, because short range sensors can not cross the expanse. The width and breadth go on for a light year or so."

The Tactical Officer reported, "I am reading no energy signatures across the field."

The Commander asked, "What will be our delay time circumventing this field?"

OPS came back with, "Approximately 4.6 hours." He turned to face the Commander, "It's quite large."

"Yes. I'm getting that impression," the Commander retorted. After several seconds of thought, "Helm, take us into the field. Increase shields to 110%."

"Aye Sir," OPS replied increasing the shields.

"Aye Sir," Tris responded, "bringing us to 270 degrees."

The ship began to enter the field at half impulse. "Entering the field now." Tris always loved to operate the ship on manual control. He had a 3 dimensional holographic readout in front of him, tracking the ship's course and all the pieces of debris. He made continuous course modifications, turning and banking the ship through 'the maze' of debris. A seriously look upon his face as he stayed focused on the data before him.

The shields knocked away several chunks of material during this process. The Commander asked, "Status of shields?"

OPS reported, "We are down to 105% Sir."

The Commander did some calculations, then stated, "We won't make it through this way. Options?"

The Tactical officer encouraged firmly, "We can use phasers to blast them, reducing the amount of impact to the shields."

Tris spoke up confidently as he continued to adjust the ship's trajectory through the field, "We could use the tractor beam as a deflector and push those objects away. That would allow us to increase speed as well."

The Commander considered the option and then replied, "Lets do it Mr. Shizn. OPS, reverse the polarization on the tractor beam to repulse. Tactical, link your system to the Helm. Use your system to target the tractor beam at the debris closest to our expected flight path."

This process continued for several minutes. Helm kept the ship on course through the field as the tractor beam pushed the debris out of the way.

Shizn was feeling very successful with this process, his antennae leaning forward and added, "Sir, I think we can increase velocity to 3/4 impulse."

"Make it so," the Commander replied.

Tris increased their speed, remaining focused on the always adjusting course of the ship. All the systems were working together to allow them through is field. There still were some hits to the shield, but not as many.

The Commander called out, "What is our ETA for leaving the field?"

OPS came back with, "Another 23 minutes Sir. We are about at the mid-point."

Tris had an irritating bad feeling that this was some kind of trap, but remained on task, not finding any proof for his expectations.

The Commander sounded concerned, "Are we going to be able, to keep this up?" Referring to Helm and Tactical.

Shizn replied, "Yes Sir. I think I can manage."

The Tactical officer replied, "Aye Sir. We can do this."

At the end of that comment was when the first of many energy weapon strikes began to hit the shield.

Commander called out, "REPORT!"

Tactical replied, "We are being hit by energy weapons, from all around. Intermittent blasts from the debris itself. I am picking up energy readings all through the field now."

Tris felt the Commander had his hands full now.

OPS reported, "Shields down to 85%."

Tactical reported, "The weapon pulses are not tracking us. They are straight line. If we alter our course more drastically, we may evade them."

The Commander ordered, "Helm take us to full impulse, begin evade course program 'Delta 2', continue to use the tractor beam to push them away and begin to use phasers to take out further debris in our forward direction to clear a path."

It seemed like everyone on the bridge was saying, "Aye Sir."

And that is what the bridge crew did. Speed was increased. The delta 2 program was implemented, which allowed for the phasers to know where to shoot.

Tris found this flying to be the most intense. He had never flown a fighter craft. The smallest had been a troop deployment or drop ship for the Andorian Royal Guard. He had flown under fire to the designated drop zone and then cleared back as a support craft. But that was nothing compared to this focused flight. His antennae leaned forward and out.

OPS called out, "1 minute to field's edge." He then added, "Most of our hits are to the rear shield. We are getting damage reports from all over the ship, mostly overheated EPS conduits."

"Revise the shield energy as you see fit," the Commander replied.

Their strategy had worked and had brought them through. When the ship finally cleared the field, the phasers stopped, the course manipulation stopped to a direct line away from the debris field. They were still being hit by energy blasts, but that stopped soon enough.

The Commander called out, "REPORT!"

OPS reported, "Shields down to 32%"

Tactical reported, "Nothing is following us out of the field."

"All right people," the Commander began, "Now the fun begins. Turn us about and bring us to full stop at a distance farther than when they were shooting at us. We have a real mystery to solve, as long as we can do it safely."

Tris brought the battered vessel about, and stopped short as requested. He didn't like having the ship sitting still, but would stay at the ready if he needed to move the ship in a hurry. "Reading all stop Sir."

The computer voice, "program complete."

Tris saw that the other characters on the Bridge disappated. He sat there another minute or so going through the mission in his head, things he might have done differently. He also reconsidered the manual flight control configuration. "No. I like it just the way it is."

Tris then called out, "Computer, run program Bridge-elude,evade #228."

After just a few seconds the computer replied, "Program complete."

Tris noticed about him that characters appeared at their stations, the red alert claxon was sounding and some sparks were showering from exploding consoles.

From behind him Tris heard, "Get us out of here!" A smile came over the Andorian's face as he actived the warp drive.



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