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The Pressing Energy Crisis

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2017 @ 7:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Shinji Kita
Edited on on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 @ 6:40pm

Mission: Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: Deck 11, Main Engineering
Timeline: November 16, 2392 0100 Hours

To the denizens of Engineering, the presence of a department head within their ranks was not an abnormal sight. Engineers, by nature, were not satisfied sitting on the sidelines, directing traffic. They were more content in the trenches, hands on with matters that meant more to them when tangibly touched instead of through paperwork. PaDDs could only convey so much information, unless they were the items in need of repair.

It was predictable, then, to assume the presence of Shinji Kita in the middle of Engineering while the team scrambled not only to shuffle room for ahead-of-schedule cargo, but also to prepare the ship's systems for such a journey. The Engineering team was not pleased by the shift in timetables (as engineers do not tend to appreciate unpredictable changes that they themselves have no power over), but the blow to work was softened by the commander's willingness to dig into the workload with them.

Having previously doled out the remaining tasks to engineers otherwise unoccupied, Shinji found himself ingrained into programming power flows throughout the ship's major systems. While such a task may have normally been given to an Operations crewman, the engineer wanted to see the charts and lines of coding for himself. If anything went awry during their first run, then he knew who to blame and where the issues lay.

To his left, he could monitor a group of ensigns and the petty officer who volunteered to train them in expedited 'cobbling together' of a warp core relay dampener. The Captain was clear that they needed the ship ready, but there was a blatant refusal throughout the department to sacrifice safety in response. It was a refusal that Shinji agreed with, but it was also one he had little time to compensate for on his own.

He was grateful the Engineering team had experience in the matter, or the whole department would have been a much more volatile department, if not due to the lack of safety knowledge, then because of the annoyed engineers that would result from the absence of it. Ignorance was bliss, unless it gave rise for reasons to complain.

To his immediate right stood a Vulcan he did not recognize, knowing the young, gold uniformed man as 'T'phi from Operations.' The ensign insisted upon attending and aiding in the proper and accurate recording of power flow. At regular intervals, Shinji heard one of four choice thoughtful noises emit from the stone-faced youth, followed by a question on the percentages of power and efficiency. During those same intervals, Shinji discovered that his carefully-placed patience ran thin at a swifter rate than he anticipated.

"T'phi." Shinji felt two hours of constant badgering was plenty, "Maybe you should relay the efficiency issues to our safety personnel. Petty Officer Bolman is more skilled at ensuring peak efficiency than I."

"With all due respect, Sir, I find that monitoring as close to the source also ensures the same efficiency."

"Which is an admirable task, but might I remind you that while efficiency is important, it is a process that can be refined after we actually flow the power as we should," Shinji pressed, eyeing the Vulcan out of the corner of his eye.

The engineer's subtle irritation did not escape T'phi's notice. "Sir. I'll confer with Petty Officer Bolman."

Looking up from his work to momentarily watch the Vulcan drift off further into Engineering, Shinji rubbed his temples. The headache that was forming seemed to correlate directly with the number of crewmen he had to recruit for this endeavor. He would have to take a visit to sickbay come morning, but there were more pressing matters.

And he wasn't going to rest until it was done.


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