One does not suffer young fools

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 8:09pm by Captain Lucius Abernathy-Nadir
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Mission: Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: Hanger bay
Timeline: 16 November 2392; 0900 hours

Luc looked at the report in his left hand and the report in his right hand. The one in his left was from the crew chief assigned to the Fighter DE-10. The one in his right was from the pilot who flew DE-10 from Starbase 400 to Devonshire. They didn’t match at all.

“So, lets see here….Inertial Dampers at 60% functionality, targeting sensors completely offline and both Type U Phaser emitters are offline. Basically this bird is not fit for combat according to the maintenance check. And according to the AAR filed by Lieutenant Garza after he brought it over, all systems check out fine.” Luc couldn’t help but notice the look on the crew chief. The color had drained from his face and he looked as though he had mentally accepted the fact that his career was over. He was probably used to people siding with the pilot over the ground crew. Something that would not be the case under Lucius. “Don’t worry Corporal. This isn’t on you. Your analysis has already been checked over. Your report is accurate. Garza on the other hand….” Setting both PADD’s in his hand and tapped his combadge.

=/\= Abernathy-Nadir to Lieutenant Garza. Report to your bird immediately. Abernathy-Nadir out. =/\=

After several minutes, a short young man who looked like he spent just a little too long styling his hair came ambling over. He wore the gold bar of a Second Lieutenant and gold wings of a Starfleet Aviator. He stopped before Lucius and struck a relaxed pose. “Yea boss?” he said casually. Lucius glared at him.
“Correct me if I’m wrong Lieutenant, but when ordered to report to a Commanding Officer, one generally hurries his ass up to get there, comes to attention and reports in properly. Now stand to!”

Lucius swore he detected a hint of an eyeroll as the young man stood to attention and saluted. “Second Lieutenant Hector Garza reporting as ordered sir.”
“Stand at ease Lieutenant.” He said before toss the PADD containing his report to him. “What is that Garza?”

He looked it over real quick before shrugging his shoulders. “It’s my report from bringing my bird over from Starbase 400.”

Lucius nodded. “Aye that it is. Now read this one.” He said tossing him the Corporal’s report. After a minute he looked up and shrugged his shoulders again. “Ok so the bird needs fixing. I’m not a tech Captain. That’s his job.”

“I don’t want you to fix the damn thing Lieutenant. I wan to know why your report doesn’t say a damn thing about all of the mechanical issues! That bird is not combat ready and nothing in your report indicates that. Did you not do a preflight check? Do you even know how to do one?”

“Of course I know how to do one Captain. I just….didn’t go through the whole thing. I made sure the systems I need to fly the few hundred meters from one hanger to the other worked ok. It’s not job to make sure it’s combat ready. It’s my job to fly it. I flew it.”

“I see, well consider yourself on report. Another stunt like this and you’re grounded.”

“That’s not your call sir! You can’t ground me. Especially over something like that!” Garza protested.

“It’s my Squadron Garza. So yes it is my call. And over something like that? You mean something like filing a false after action report. Failure to adhere to Starfleet Flight Safety instructions, and Conduct Unbecoming an Officer? Those are going to be the charges levied against you when I file my report to Major Thompson. And while I do not know her all that well, I highly doubt she has any love for cocky young pilots like yourself. Hell she might overrule me and just ground you now. Only reason I’m not is because we ship out in eight hours and I don’t have time to find a new pilot to replace your arrogant ass. Now grab some tools and help Corporal Masterson fix this bird. And check the butter bar because the Corporal is command of this Op. Dismissed.”

“But Cap-“

“I said Dismissed! That means end of discussion now move your ass Marine!”

Turning away Luc walked over to where Gunny Lopez was. “Let me know if that boy gives y’all any trouble Mark. I have a report to write.”

“Aye Captain.” Replied his old friend.