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Reporting in

Posted on Fri Dec 9th, 2016 @ 11:24pm by Commodore Graham Cantos & Major Meredith Thompson

Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: Cantos' Ready Room
Timeline: November 15 2392, 1600 Hours; MD1

After leaving her Godfather, Meredith headed to the CO's ready room. Her long hair braided back and not a mark of oil on her uniform or face she felt the CO should not find anything amiss with her appearance. Tapping the chime on his ready room she waited patiently.

Graham was in his ready room unpacking the two boxes that held his belongings he wanted there. His jacket hung from a hook built into a shelf beside his chair behind the desk. He wasn't expecting anyone to report in to him until the dinner that evening, which he had sent an invitation to the senior staff as a message to their Padds and consoles both. He was caught by surprise when his door chimed, indicating someone was waiting to see him. "Yes, come in!" He called as he straightened a model of his first command, the USS Savant a Pegasus class ship.

Meredith stepped inside and saluted him "Major Thompson reporting in sir." she said crisply and stood to attention.

"Ah Major, welcome aboard." He said with a smile and offered a handshake. "Don't mind my appearance, just trying to get everything sorted out while it's still relatively quiet."

She shook his hand. "That's all right sir up till twenty minutes ago I was covered in oil." She said in a deadpan tone.''

"I wouldn't expect less from one of Allope Isaissa's people." He chuckled with a knowing smile. "Please, have a seat."

"You know my Godmother sir?" she asked politely.

"Briefly." He nodded. "This was about, oh fifty years or so ago. She insisted on helping to maintain her own equipment. I'd become a deck boss at that point in my career. She and I had a few run-ins." He chuckled at the memory. "I've been in Starfleet for the last hundred and fifty years Major. I've changed career paths several times, been enlisted, officer, the whole line."

"She was my Grandfather's protege."

"Never met your grandfather." Graham said reaching for his glass to take a drink of iced tea. "So Major, how long have you been flying?"

"Mom started teaching me age 6. But I got my wings on my 17th birthday so about ten or so years." She sad calmly.

"I suppose that's partly to explain how you're a Major before thirty." Graham commented. "You'll have two squadrons here Major. One of Eagle fighters and one of Redemption bombers."

She nodded her understanding. "I am surprised sir that if you knew my Godmother you knew nether my mother nor father. Both were on her team."

"I had squadrons of fighters to oversee Major, I didn't meet everyone." Graham said patiently.

"With mom its probably good you didn't." She grinned.

"We'll likely be sent to trouble spots in the sector Major." He said, steering the conversation back towards professional matters. "With the air wing and ground force we can at the least slow down any hostiles, or if needed evacuate people out of the way."

"I know. I already figured that when I saw the amount of space here. Makes sense as memory serves insignias are perhaps the most versitle ships of the line."

"I tend to agree with your assessment." Cantos chuckled. "I had ordered modules replaced before I'd even arrived at Starbase 400. They were half done when I arrived yesterday, finished last night, and this morning they were reapplying our markings."

"I have a confession to make sir. I grew up on the USS Maverick, she was also an Insignia." Meredith smiled.

"Explains why your memory serves." Cantos shook his head. "Well Major I think that covers most everything for the time being. All officer's aboard are invited to join me in the VIP Lounge for dinner in just under an hour." He said glancing at the clock on his desk.

"Thank you sir." she said standing up and saluting him.

"My pleasure Major. See you in an hour." He said and returned her salute somewhat awkwardly.


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