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Introductory Dinner

Posted on Tue Jan 10th, 2017 @ 11:37pm by Commodore Graham Cantos & Lieutenant Commander Shinji Kita & Lieutenant Commander Clint Cross & Major Meredith Thompson & Lieutenant Rowan Moares

Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: VIP Lounge, Deck 2
Timeline: November 15 2392, 1800 Hours; MD1

Though the vast majority of the crew hadn't arrived yet, they were scheduled to arrive anywhere from that morning until the late evening of the 19th, he wanted to have a nice dinner with all of the ship's officers who had arrived already. He was happy to note that the civilians who ran the various lounges onboard had already arrived, some of them even before he had himself! Of course they wouldn't want to run the chance of losing any business, which made sense he supposed. No matter the reasoning, their presence made his planned event much easier since he wouldn't have to locate an establishment on the base to cater the dinner on such short notice. Sure they could just eat from the replicators, but there wasn't any class or style to that. That was normal, humdrum, and mundane. The capabilities of the Devonshire meant they weren't likely to find much in the way of the mundane and that's what he wanted to get across to everyone. This wasn't your average ship, they weren't going to be your average crew, and their events damn well weren't going to be average either!

He had arrived early to observe and if needed oversee the set up for the dinner. He'd been pleasantly surprised at the amount and variety of food that had been prepared. He had even specified that it would likely be a small dinner given how long the timeframe crews arrivals were scheduled over. If this was what they put on for a small dinner, he wasn't sure he wanted to see a large one! There was music playing in the background, plenty of food, drinks of all sorts, even real alcohol for those who wished to partake. All in all, it was shaping up to be a good evening, how good... Well that really depended on the officer's didn't it?

The first to arrive to the lounge, on pure happenstance, strode Shinji Kita, uniform unbuttoned and hair in disarray. In one hand, a PaDD and tricorder that he had all intention on using within the room. A few steps to his desired destination, the engineer pulled himself out of his tunnel vision to give the scene a prolonged, confused look. His gaze wandered to the Captain, hesitantly reaching to button his uniform jacket up. "... I must have lost track of time."

Next to arrive was Rowan. She'd known her transfer was coming for a while so it was good that she'd finally transferred over to the Devonshire. She had enjoyed her time on the Endurance but Rowan felt that it was time to try a new challenge and look to the future. In full uniform the Tactical Officer entered the VIP lounge and looked around the room. So far she could only see that only Graham and Shinji had arrived - at least she wasn't last to arrive. Rowan hated arriving last.

"Good evening. How are you both this evening?" Rowan asked.

Her Welsh accent wasn't thick but it was certainly noticeable. It was one thing that Rowan hadn't lost since she left her family home in Wales all those years ago to join Starfleet Academy.

"Good evening to you both as well." Graham said with a smile, raising his glass of ice water in greeting. He'd taken up residence at a table next to the windows, where he'd been looking out at the expanse of bulkhead that was his view of the docking bay. Beyond that bulkhead lay the vast expanse of space and the future of everyone assigned to the Devonshire. "Help yourselves to something to drink and a seat if you like. I assure you I don't bite." He said with a hint of amusement in his voice. In his experience the crew and officers were usually hesitant to join the brass anywhere. "We have a bit before dinner is served."

Rowan nodded. She walked over to the table and helped herself to a glass of wine before walking over to where Graham and Shinji were both stood. Both men were taller than her by five inches - although that didn't bother her in the slightest. It was always said that Rowan was 5'5" in height but 7'5" in attitude.

"What's on the menu this evening Commodore? I was going to make some Welsh cakes before I came up to share amongst us but I didn't have time unfortunately. Maybe another time" Rowan replied.

"I haven't the slightest idea." Graham admitted with a smirk. "I haven't looked yet. I merely told the lounge manager to prepare a dinner for the officer's currently onboard. I figured if they've managed to become manager of the Senior Officer's Lounge onboard my flagship, they must know what they're doing, so I left the details to them."

"I look forward to it" Rowan replied.

Clint had met with one of Starbase 400's Intel Officers, Lieutenant Commander Rann. The angry Bolian had given him a few update on the goings on in the Ares Operational Theater, and Clint had a ton of reading to do. He'd dropped off the stack of PADDs in the Intel Office aboard the Devonshire, met with the Commodore, changed, then headed for the VIP Lounge.

Walking in, Clint had a strange sense of Déjà Vu, like he'd recently been in a very similar situation. He shook it off and walked over to the bar. He received his glass of whisky and found a nice quiet corner near a window and took a seat. He planned to speak with the Commodore, but someone else had beat him to it, so he took a sip of his drink and leaned back in the chair. He looked out the window at other ships docked inside Starbase 400, then back toward the room as he took another sip.

Rowan looked over at Clint and gave him a small nod to acknowledge his arrival before turning back to look out of the window. She looked around at the various starships docked whilst smaller auxiliary craft moved various cargoes to their destinations. The Endurance-B had dropped her and Dulcie off at Starbase 400 but didn't stay - they were in and out within half an hour.

Meredith walked in almost silently. Nodding to her Commanding officer she got herself a glass of pomegranate juice and sat quietly and watched much as her father Ryan had done when they joined a new ship.

Leah had arrived about a couple hours before the dinner, she really didn't like gatherings very much but since she was going to be the Executive Officer she thought she just bear through it. She was wearing her uniform, clean and crisp and entered looking around at the ones who have arrived. She walked over to a table and sat down not saying anything at the moment. She wanted to study those in the room to get a feel for who she be working with including the Commodore.

Rowan looked over to see who the new arrivals were. She was pleased that she wasn't the only woman on the senior staff as she was in more recent times on the Endurance-B. She kept herself to herself for now though - although she was easy to get on with Rowan liked to analyse her colleagues from a distance first. She took another sip of her wine and continued to watch out of the window - hoping that their meal wasn't going to be too far away as she hadn't eaten since that morning. Rowan had already ensured Dulcie had eaten but as the Commodore had invited the staff for a meal Rowan had not eaten in her quarters.

It was like the others were flies on the wall; a factor that Shinji felt least desirable. At gatherings such as this, there was always at least one person who insisted upon being a social butterfly, which allowed the man to slip into a conversation of a like topic. But here, it seemed most of the senior staff had an introverted penchant about them, save for both the Commanding Officer and the Chief of Security. That was more than he could say for himself. He stood a little off to the side of the conversation occurring, holding a glass of what one of the server's called the 'best scotch in the Quadrant.' He had yet to drink from it to decide for himself.

"Well if everyone is going to sit around as the proverbial bumps on the log, we may as well get started with dinner." Graham announced from where he sat. Putting action to words, he stood up. "As per the standards of such events, we'll go by rank. Lowest to highest. Lieutenant Moares, you're up first."

Rowan didn't particularly care for speaking to groups in these situations but it was something she had to do from time to time. She stood up and looked around before speaking. There wasn't much for her to say and Rowan decided to keep things as brief as possible.

"I'm Lieutenant Rowan Moares - Chief Tactical Officer. Other than that there's not really much to say apart from I look forward to serving with you all" Rowan said.

Rowan then sat back down and waited for the next speaker.

"I was hoping for a bit more than that, but very well for now." Graham said with a sigh. "Mister Cross, I believe that it's either you or Major Thompson's turn next."

Clint figured he'd get it over with and stood up. "I'm Lieutenant Commander Clint Cross, from Earth. Been in Starfleet for eighteen years. Dominion War veteran. Graduate of Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training Course. I've held positions in Security/Tactical, Engineering, and Intelligence during my career. I'm serving as the Chief Intelliegence Officer aboard the Devonshire." He sat back down and took a sip of his whisky.

"That's more along the lines of what I was looking for." Graham said with a nod. "Thank you Mister Cross. Major? I believe it's your turn."

"I'm Major Meredith Thompson." She said her soft New Orleans accent sounding out to a lot of the others. "I'm the daughter of two marines at the time of my birth Major Meredith "Death" Jameson and Major Ryan "Reaper" Thompson. Is it any wonder my call sign is "Wraith"?" she asked with a smile. "Been in 12 years, been a qualified pilot since I was 17. And I am here as wing commander"

"Mister Kita, if you would be so kind?" Cantos asked with a wry smile.

Shinji removed his gaze from the window. "Lieutenant Commander Shinji Kita. I've been in Starfleet for over two decades, with most of that experience in between Tactical positions and Engineering. I believe I'm to be the Second Officer, as well as Chief Engineer, while we all serve aboard the Devonshire together."

"Commander, I believe you're up."

Sighing she really didnt care for introductions, "I am Commander Mya Leah I am the Executive Officer." She stated looking around noticing all eyes were in her. "I used to specialized in Intelligence as well as Special Operations." She added then sat quietly as she had nothing else to add at the time.

"Thank you all for your introductions." Graham said as he moved behind his chair at the table. "We've all had our little meetings this afternoon, so you've all met me. Some of you have learned more about me than others in the course of those meetings. So I'll try to catch everyone up to the same level. First off, this is my first time at the flag level in my century and a half career. I've tried most of the service branches within Starfleet, though I've never crossed over to the Marines. I was in orbit of my homeworld, trying to evacuate people, when the Borg attacked. All I could do was get out as many people as we could before the planet was assimilated, so needless to say I have a rather strong dislike for them." He paused a moment out of respect for his species and the lives lost that day so many years ago. "As for our missions, I doubt any two will be exactly the same. Our ship is top of the line and with our Quantum Slipstream Drive, we're one of the fastest in the Task Force. Our modular design, which I've already set up in what will be our standard configuration, means we can adapt to the ever changing situation out here on the border. We will be a rapid response vessel which means we'll likely be the first into any hostilities that may arise in our area of space. With that being said, expect a lot of drills folks. Now that I've said my piece, let's eat drink and be merry. We've got a lot of work ahead of us to prepare for departure." He glanced around the room and shrugged. "In the meantime everyone, fill your plates."

Leah just sat at a table by herself drinking some tea, not really hungry as she doesnt care for eating in public she liked being along when she ate. She was always socially ackward she was now forced to do so because of her position.

Rowan was the first to stand up and go for the food - although like she was in restaurants - she took a long time to decide what she wanted to have. There was so much choice and it was difficult for her to choose. It was easier in her quarters because she usually just ate what Dulcie asked for. Instead she decided to top up her glass of wine and hoped that she'd have decided what to have by the time she finished it.

Clint gave a respectful nod here and there, but didn't speak. He walked back to the bar to refill his glass, then stepped over to get some food. He nodded to Moares then made his selection before and took his seat again.

Food was easy enough to retrieve for most of the staff it seemed, but conversation was not. Once he had settled with his own, humble-sized portion of food, Shinji cleared his throat and asked the only thing that was on his mind at that exact moment; "So has anyone else been itching to see our modular set-up or is that just me?"

Meredith grinned as she ate her gumbo. "i grew up on an insignia but i agree the set up is always... interesting." she grinned as she looked at the others. "Anyone else interested in it?"

"Interested in it enough I spent about two hours crawling through it myself after I boarded this morning. A perk of being the CO, you get to arrive early and nose around with the entire ship to yourself, aside from the stations engineering staff." Graham said with a chuckle. "I've spent some time in most every career field in Starfleet, besides medical. Twenty years in Engineering, another twenty in Intelligence, fifteen at the helm of a ship, thirty five in security, fifteen years as a minor diplomat, twenty in science, and the last twenty five working my way up through the command track."

"That is exactly what I plan to do the first chance I get," Shinji concluded. There was an implied 'once I wrest myself from this dinner,' but he thought it best not to actually say that. He didn't want to appear ungrateful for the organized meet and greet. "It's part of the reason I requested this transfer; of all the vessels I've served on, and Insignia class will be the most interesting."

Rowan decided to stop waiting and grab some of the food on offer before it got eaten. She helped herself to a rather large plate and sat down again - helping herself to it as quickly as she could eat it without looking greedy. It was a nice occasion so far but Rowan hadn't really spoken to anyone other than Commodore Cantos - so after dinner she decided to start to get involved with her new colleagues a bit more.

Leah just continued to sit alone and look out the window deep in thought not really paying much mind to the others in the room. She wondered if this was a good position for her to be in but she would give it her best. Having spent most of her career as Intelligence and switching over to Command Staff as Executive Officer of a ship with a flag officer she wondered how this was going to go. She was sure it would keep her on her toes.


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