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A New Challenge

Posted on Fri Dec 9th, 2016 @ 11:19pm by Commodore Graham Cantos & Lieutenant Rowan Moares

Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: Cantos' Ready Room
Timeline: November 15 2392, 1530 Hours; MD1

Moares Quarters:

Rowan and Dulcie had transferred from their home on the Endurance-B - even though Captain Kaufmann had tried his best to persuade Rowan to stay - the Welshwoman had decided it was time for a new challenge. And that's what she thought the Devonshire presented to her and Dulcie agreed perhaps it was time to have a fresh start somewhere else. After making sure that all of their belongings were aboard in their quarters Rowan instructed her daughter to make sure that everything was unpacked and stored in the places she noted down on a PADD.

"Make sure you leave the larger wardrobe for me...and don't be leaving clothes lying everywhere. I know what your'e like" Rowan said.

Dulcie giggled. "Alright mum. I'll have it all done by the time you come back"

"Good. I've made a note of everything on this PADD so it'll tell you where I'd like things to be go. I would stay here and help you but I've got to go and introduce myself to Commodore Cantos before the meal later on. It'd be a bit awkward if I turned up there and he didn't even know who I was. Help yourself to anything from the replicator" Rowan replied.

Dulcie smiled. "Relax mum it's fine. I'll manage"

Rowan ruffled Dulcie's hair slightly and smiled before making her way up to visit Graham in his office. It was the first time she'd served under the command of a flag officer before but she didn't think that it would make a difference. It was still a starship and Rowan had been given the position she had asked for when requesting a transfer to the Devonshire. It was a short trip up to the bridge in the turbolift - although Rowan didn't understand why they were called turbolifts. They were anything but that in her opinion.

Cantos Ready Room:

After arriving on the bridge Rowan briefly looked around to familiarise herself with the Devonshire's bridge. She then made her way over to the ready room and pressed the chime to request permission to enter.

Graham chuckled as his door chimed and shook his head in amusement. It seemed that the stream of people reporting in had indeed begun. Maybe he should have unpacked earlier, it didn't look like he'd be getting to it in the near future. "Enter." Came the call from inside the office.

Rowan entered Graham's office and looked around to see that the Commodore was busy unpacking - perhaps this was a bad time for her to report in and she should come back when he was a bit less busy.

"I can see you're a bit busy Commodore. Would you like me to come back later?" Rowan asked.

"Nonsense." Graham shook his head. "My door's always open Lieutenant. Just trying to get everything sorted, much like the rest of the crew I'm sure." He smiled and then grinned like a child caught going for a cookie, "Truth be told, I could have unpacked this morning while the ship was empty, but I chose to prowl around instead."

Rowan smiled and walked further into Graham's ready room. She chose to stand for the time being until she was offered a seat.

"Thank you. My daughter's unpacking our things as we speak - she's got more things than I have which is a bit of an annoyance but I think we'll manage. I've already put things away in the more harder to reach places - although I'm quite restricted by height myself as you can see - so I've had to make use of the crates to give myself a bit of a lift" Rowan replied.

"I'm sure we can get a stepstool of some kind replicated for you if it's an issue Lieutenant. Mention it to the engineers if you feel the need." Graham said as he sat down at his desk. "Please, have a seat."

Rowan chuckled. A step stool would probably be of use in certain areas - it was generally a source of amusement in the right situations on the Endurance-B but she was glad that Graham had taken it seriously. She would have to check in with Engineering once she was done here to request a step stool for use in the armouries - a chair would suffice in her quarters. She took the offered seat and smiled before remembering she hadn't even introduced herself.

"Oh how rude of me - I'm Lieutenant Rowan Moares. A pleasure to meet you" Rowan said apologetically.

Rowan lifted herself out of her chair slightly and extended her hand over the table.

"The pleasure is mine Lieutenant." He said standing to shake her hand. "Graham Cantos. Don't pull up my file I warn you. A hundred and fifty years is a lot of reading." He joked with a smile.

Rowan shook Graham's hand before relaxing back into her seat. Her own profile made for some interesting reading with previous encounters and minor scuffles with superiors - although those were firmly in the past - although her fiery temper could still rear its head on occasion.

"I dread to think what your opinion of mine is. I would imagine it made for interesting Ensign arguing with her superior officer who was three ranks higher...I can't even remember that argument was about" Rowan replied with a chuckle.

"We were all young and thought we knew everything at some point." Graham chuckled.

Rowan nodded. "Very true. I've had a few Ensigns in my department who liked arguing with me too - I always take their opinions and ideas on board but it doesn't always mean I agree with them or think it's the right course of action to take. I've experienced it from both sides of the argument and sometimes the Ensign is right and sometimes the Department Head is right. That's what makes it so interesting."

"It's a good officer who can take the suggestions of their subordinates and admit when they have the better idea. We don't have room for ego's when we're out on patrol."

Rowan smiled. "Absolutely. There's no need to be like that when you're looking for solutions to problems - I've always found taking advice and ideas from my department members is a good idea even if some of the ideas are inpractical or borderline impossible to achieve. Even so I set high standards and expect them to be met - or they'll realise the reason why Captain Kaufmann gave me the motto that's stuck with me ever since he first used it..."

"And that is?" Graham asked with amusement. "You can't say something like that and then keep it a secret."

Rowan replied. "5'5" in height and 7'5" in attitude"

"I guess we shall see how that holds up." Graham smiled. "We'll likely be going to trouble spots in the sector quite often."

Rowan nodded. "I can imagine we will. My sisters are similar but I think I have the extra few inches of attitude - they're quite tame compared to me. I feel sorry for my parents bringing the four of us up...although I can't say they were too happy when James and I both decided to join Starfleet...and from what happened I can see why they weren't. They still aren't to be honest."

"Starfleet service does come with its own risks and rewards." Graham nodded somberly. "I can imagine how your parents feel. I was in orbit when the Borg assimilated my homeworld in 2265. We couldn't stop them, all we could do was evacuate as many people as we could."

Rowan had heard of the Borg attack on the El-Aurian homeworld but she had yet to encounter them. Part of her wanted to but another didn't - and she wasn't sure which part was larger.

"I'm sorry Commodore. I share your pain - my brother James was killed in action twelve years ago on the Endurance-B. I joined the ship seven years after he died as a way to get closure I suppose. At least he lives on in a way - he helped one of his friends have a child via artificial insemnation not long before he died. I haven't seen Grace for a good few years now...she must be at least twelve...but at least she knows of her father and his family. We're all there for her and her mother if they need us"

"That's all you can do Lieutenant." He nodded. "My parent's weren't able to make it to an evacuation site before they were all overrun. I do my best to honor their memory."

Rowan definitely felt Graham's pain. When she found out that James had died she was heartbroken - he was her best friend and she had promised him that one day she would serve under his command. Sadly that opportunity had never arisen but Rowan knew that James would want her to carry on with her career.

"I just do my best. I miss him but I need to look forward - that's why I'm here with a new challenge. Captain Kaufmann threw the kitchen sink at me to persuade me to stay...but once I've made my mind up that's it. There's no changing it" Rowan replied.

"Some people are stubborn that way." He agreed. "I'll let you get back to your daughter Lieutenant. I know not everyone has checked their messages yet, so I'm telling everyone as well. The officer's are invited to join me for dinner in the VIP lounge this evening at 1800."

Rowan nodded. "Thank you Commodore. I'll be there - thank you for a warm welcome"

She stood up and after nodding once to Graham before turning on her heel and leaving his office - heading down to Main Engineering to procure a step stool. After that she planned to check in on Dulcie and help her with the rest of the unpacking.


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