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An Unusual Introduction

Posted on Sat Dec 31st, 2016 @ 8:06am by Lieutenant Commander Shinji Kita & Lieutenant Rowan Moares

Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: November 15 2392, 1604 Hrs

Rowan had finished her meeting with Graham and she was now on her way to Main Engineering. It had gone well and she had decided to speak with Shinji about having a step stool made up for the armoury. At 5'5" not everything was out of her reach but there were certain things in the armoury that were often just those few inches out of her reach. On the Endurance-B she'd used whatever came to hand - usually a crate or a chair - but she felt it would probably be better to have something designed specifically for the required task. Once Rowan entered Main Engineering she looked around for the Chief Engineering Officer. After asking for directions she was pointed in Shinji's direction.

Rowan approached Shinji and made her presence known whilst trying not to startle Shinji.

"Commander Kita?" Rowan asked.

"Lieutenant Moares," Shinji responded, eyes fixed on the PaDD in his hands. He looked up momentarily, only to examine the overhead readout of calibrations he had dedicated his day toward. They would have been duties he gave to one of his multiple subordinates, but a primary calibration test within Main Engineering was a serious undertaking for the man, and he refused to let anyone else at it. "Is everything alright in the Armory? I have yet to do a full sweep of the Security areas, but they are next on my list."

Rowan was surprised Shinji knew her name already - perhaps he'd done some research on his colleagues prior to her arrival.

"Well done. You know who I am before I've introduced myself," Rowan replied.

She paused to look at the warp core briefly before continuing.

Shinji shook his head. "It doesn't make sense to not be."

"I'm going to look into that once we're done here - although the reason I'm here does involve the armoury. As you can see I'm rather limited by height and there are some things in there that are out of my reach unless I...improvise. I was wondering if you could source me a step stool that I can use in the armoury so I don't have to keep using crates or ask for a 'leg up' from someone a bit taller" Rowan said.

"A step stool?" Looking over, and then down, Shinji smiled awkwardly at Rowan, "How long would this need to be? I can think of a few solutions that may already be within our grasp, but I'm thinking that, since you're down here, the solutions are not up snuff for you?"

Rowan nodded. "Yes please Commander. As long as it can give me an extra foot of height I'm happy - it doesn't have to have any special features though. I'm not entirely sure I want to keep using crates to stand on because I don't exactly have anything to grab on to for stability. In my quarters is fine the armouries...not such a good idea"

"I can't imagine this will take too long to create," Shinji mused, attention returned to his PaDD. With an index finger, he began to draw up a rough draft of what he planned on creating. "Would it be useful to maybe have it collapsible if it needs to tuck away somewhere?"

Rowan liked the idea of having the step stool so it could be stored and not take up room. She nodded and was pleased that Shinji was taking her request seriously - the last time she asked for one on the Endurance-B it was found to be a source of amusement - much to Rowan's annoyance.

"That's a good idea. I don't want people complaining it's in the way or using it when they don't need it. The last time I asked for one of these the person I asked to make it thought it was funny. He soon learned that it wasn't when I tied his shoelaces together under the table at a dinner in the Captain's Mess. That was funny" Rowan replied.

Shinji quirked his brow at the diminutive security chief, attention now turned from the plans he was drawing up. He filed the information away, but seemed less bothered by her comment moments after he let it sink in. "I see. I believe I should let you go, then, to get back to such work. I'll get started on this-" he added, waving his PaDD, "the moment my calibrations are complete."

Rowan nodded. "Thank you Commander. Whenever you're ready let me know and I'll come and collected it. I appreciate your help"

Rowan then turned on her heel and left main engineering to head back to her quarters to see how Dulcie was getting on. She looked forward to her new start on the Devonshire and she hoped it proved to be the right decision. Based on initial impressions Rowan felt it was going to turn out that way - although she hadn't been there very long. The meal later that evening was something else she was looking forward to - and of course she'd get to meet some more of her future colleagues at the same time which was a bonus. Rowan didn't like formalities very much - especially when it came to introductions and first impressions - so the more relaxed environment the meal was to take place in was a perfect chance to meet new people in her view.


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