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Meeting the CO

Posted on Fri Dec 23rd, 2016 @ 9:15pm by Commodore Graham Cantos & Lieutenant Commander Clint Cross

Mission: Episode 0: The Prologue
Location: Cantos's Ready Room
Timeline: November 15 2392, 1730 Hours; MD1

After coming aboard initially and settling in, Clint had a meeting with Commander Rann of Starbase 400. The Bolian was acting Intel Chief while Commander Draven was away on a mission. Rann wasn't the typical Bolian, he was angry and Clint had no idea why. He wasn't disrespectful, he just wasn't all that nice. After a short briefing which included being overloaded with PADDs to read, Clint returned to the Intel Office to catch up on those reports and information regarding the Ares Theater. This area of the Beta Quadrant that included most of the Federation's border with the Klingons, Romulans, Krazzle, and Gorn had been a hot-bed for activity in the last few years. The Krazzle/C'hakilian war, the Typhon Pact's re-emergence as a threat and a new cold war, the re-establishment of the Romulan Neutral Zone, the return of the Borg, and now a Klingon civil war...all of this taking place within Beta Quadrant and within the Ares Operational Theater. Clint knew about the headlines, it was the meat of the stories he needed to get more up to speed on.

Realizing it was time for his meeting with the Commodore, Clint typed a few notes on a PADD to headed for his Office.

Arriving a few minutes after the meeting was suppose to start, Clint straightened his uniform and tapped the button on the door. He then looked back at the Bridge of the Devonshire behind him and waited for the door to open.

"Enter." Graham called out as he set aside the report on the ships status he'd been reading and picked up the one with the crew files. It was becoming something of a game to him now, wondering who was going to be the next person to walk through his door.

Clint stepped through the door and stopped in front of the Commodore. It took him a moment before he snapped to attention. "Lieutenant Command Clint Cross reporting as ordered Sir."

"At ease Commander, have a seat." Graham waved to the seat opposite his desk. "We'll get to the Intel reports in a few minutes. First, tell me about yourself. Something I might not find in your record."

"Uh, well sir. I enjoy running, shooting sports, building things like models or other things of use, listening to various types of music." Clint was vague, it came with the position when talking about himself. "I've served a variety of commanders on a variety of commands in a variety of roles and departments. I consider myself to be versatile, rather like the Devonshire herself sir."

"A model maker huh? We'll have to compare projects some time." Graham said with a grin. "Once I get everything settled, I plan on designing a model of the Devonshire herself. A big one to put in the VIP lounge or somewhere else fitting. Think you'd like to help?"

Clint did not expect that kind of response, "Sure sir, it'll be an honor." 'Too much' Clint thought to himself. Clint handed over a PADD. "This is the current intel report from Starbase 400."

"Give me the high points, or low points depending on the situation out there. What are we going to find in a few days when we're ready to depart the station?" Graham asked as he took the offered Padd to look over the reports himself.

Clint straightened up, "Klingon civil war is still ongoing. Fighting rages along the border. Starbase 400 had to send a relief force with Marines to Archanis IV to defend the system from an Klingon Opposition Forces attack. Intel doesn't believe they are trying to start a war with the Federation, but the crew of one of their ships was on that planet after their vessel crashed carrying information vital to their war effort against Chancellor Martok and the Klingon Loyalists. Starships Sutherland and Tiriptz from Starbase 400 took heavy damage and are in drydock now here at Starbase 400. The USS Cairo also took damage and is at Deep Space Six undergoing repairs. Starfleet Corps of Engineers sent ships to Archanis IV to help recovery efforts and defend the planet in-case the Klingons return. The planet suffered little over all damage thankfully. The Defiant class USS Falcon was on patrol near the Inverness system when she was attacked by Opposition Klingon forces and destroyed with all hands. The USS Challenger responded and was able to drive the Klingons out of Federation space, destroying one. Captain LaForge reported they will remain near Inverness for the time being."

"Damn." Graham observed quietly. "Commander I want everything you can get me on the Inverness system and surrounding areas. Falcon was Admiral Bremer's ship during the Dominion War. I have a feeling we'll be getting orders sending us there very soon. If the Opposition force's are willing to openly attack and destroy a Federation starship I'd say that area constitutes a heightened threat and deserves our attention."

"Understood." He looked at his PADD and typed in a few commands, "And Commodore, the Vice Admiral prefers to be called by his Klingon name K'Temoc. With his older brother the Fleet Admiral, to avoid confusion, we should refer to the Task Force CO as Admiral K'Temoc and the CO of Starbase 400 and the Ares Operational Theater as Admiral Bremer." He smirked.

"In my opinion sir, I don't think the Opposition forces would just cross the border to attack a Federation ship or system just to do it, they had a reason. What that might be, I don't know at this time sir. If we do get orders to proceed there, I'd highly recommend visiting the location of the attack, looking over the debris. The Challenger may have missed something that might lead us in a direction to investigate." Okay, it was a small chance the Challenger missed something. With Captain LaForge in command, Commander Data as Executive Officer, Commander Reg Barclay as Chief Engineer, and Lieutenant Nog as Chief Security/Tactical the Challenger had experienced officers in all departments...but still, something may have been missed.

"Noted Commander." Graham said with a small smirk. "And I agree, Klingons can be rash and blood thirsty at times, but to risk a shooting war with the Federation by destroying a ship and her crew? No there's something else going on and we need to find out what it is." He glanced at the clock on his desk and sighed. "Okay Commander, we'll pick this up after the dinner. I'd best head down there and check on the final details before the rest of the officer's arrive. Dismissed for the time being."

Clint stood up, "Yes sir."


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